The Experience

Only State of the Art, Indoor, Live-Fire Cinema Shooting Range in the USA

Welcome to the American Sportsman Shooting Center, the ONLY indoor, live-fire shooting cinema in the USA. Conveniently, located just north of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in Grapevine, Texas, opposite Bass Pro Shops off Highway 121. Our state of the art indoor gun range and instructional facilities create the ideal location to experience a unique, exciting, and memorable experience.

This is not your typical gun range.  Rifle, handgun, and carbine shooting is our business! Our 30-yard indoor shooting range and BKE Hitcom® system allows shooters to hunt a variety of game in Africa, Europe, Canada, and the US! Going on a big hunt? Master your skills with various patterns of movement, weather, and lighting scenarios. Our gun ranges handle any caliber of rifle from .17 HMR to .505 Gibbs!

Hunt the world without leaving Texas!

Does your passion for rifle shooting carry over into the fun and excitement of shooting M4 Carbines? Then we are the gun range for you! The carbine shooter is welcomed at our facility; you can operate your M4 Carbine on a variety of tactical targets & scenarios.

Using your own rifle and favorite ammunition you can practice hunt nearly any game animal in the world. For the tactical shooter, operate an M4 carbine on a variety of tactical targets & scenarios. Our Pro Shop has a wide variety of ammunition for sale for our shooters.

Live-Fire, Indoor Shooting Cinema

You have to see this to believe it! Installed in a climate controlled 30-yard indoor cinema shooting range, our BKE Hitcom® system allows shooters to engage a wide variety of life-sized images projected on a 12 feet x30 feet movie screen. As you shoot these dynamic, realistic targets, your shots are electronically recorded, highlighted, and scored. Our instructors are available to help you master your shot placement and overall shooting skills. The experience is action-packed.

SimTarget® Training Simulator

Our certified instructors will improve your stance, mounting of the firearm, target engagement, shot release, and follow-through using both static and moving targets. The system’s sophisticated playback feature let's your instructor show you critical elements of our shooting technique: actual barrel movement and tracking to acquiring the target, shot impact area, and ideal aiming point for the target.

100-Yard Zeroing Range

Our 100-yard shooting tunnel, located underground beneath the facility, is equipped with an Olympic-grade Sius® acoustic targeting system. Instead of retrieving paper targets, scoring is electronic. Your shot groups are displayed on a flat screen monitor next to you. The system’s computer performs instant analysis on group size and deviation. Print out your test targets with our laser printer and label them for different loads and ballistic performance. We have an ADA compliant elevator installed to ensure that this range is fully accessible to shooters who cannot navigate the stairs.