What to bring

Photo ID: Identification is required for all paid shooters. If a shooter is a minor, adult consent is required.

Rifle: If you choose to bring your own rifle, be certain that the chamber is cleared, and the rifle is on safe. Rifles brought into the facility must be cased (hard-case or soft-case is acceptable).

Ammunition: If you bring your own ammunition to use with your personal rifle, it must be factory ammunition. ABSOLUTELY NO incendiary, tracer, surplus military ammunition, penetrators, green tip, armor piercing, or reloaded military ammunition is allowed on the ranges.

Range Rifles: Paid Shooters are welcomed to rent our range rifles for $15. If the customer opts to use American Sportsman Shooting Center firearms, you are required to purchase factory ammunition from American Sportsman Shooting Center. Norma Ammunition is available on-site.

Eye & Ear Protection: Eye and ear protection is available to all shooters and observers at no additional charge.

Range Tools: We have the necessary equipment and tools for adjusting scopes or sights, as well as to make minor adjustments to firearms.

Shooting Rests: We have rifle rests, shooting sticks, and shooting bags available to all paid shooters at no additional charge.

We recommend:

  • A baseball style cap (for protection from hot brass).
  • Flat soled, closed toe shoes (no flip flops, high heels, or sandals allowed). 



Q: Am I allowed to shoot my handgun here?
A: Sportsman Shooting Center’s handgun experience is available to all customers.

Q: Are there any age restriction for your range?
A: No. Youth shooters will be evaluated based on physical stature, capability, and maturity. We will also adjust the shooting experience accordingly for them. We reserve the right, however, to deny any individual services or range access if safety is a possible issue.

Q: Do you have to be a member to shoot at ASSC?
A: No, but a membership will provide you with several benefits, including substantial discounts, range gear, and free guest passes, to name a few.

Q: How many centers like ASSC are there?
A: We are the only facility of our kind in the United States. We are hoping to expand to new markets in the next few years.

Q: Is instruction mandatory to shoot at ASSC?
A: No, it is not. If you’d like to just shoot without receiving instruction, we’d be happy to oblige. There will always be range officers present when the range is being used.