Best Ammo for Ruger 10/22

Individuals have different views on what kind of ammo works best to get a 10/22. There are a lot of options offered in the industry. But you must figure out which works best on the rifle. Here we’ll learn about the desirable qualities which make one kind of ammo preferable along with others. You’ll also find out about the top ammo brands on the market on the Ruger 10/22.

What Makes A Few Ammo Better Than Others?

There is a good deal of variation among various kinds of ammo available on the marketplace. The principal differences include centerfire vs. rimfire ammo and steel . Steel casings.
The Normal Ruger 10/22 uses .22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition. The main distinction between centerfire and rimfire ammo is price and their usage.

Rimfire ammo is utilized for plinking and building up skills. It may be used for shooting competitions and small game hunting. Rimfire ammo is very inexpensive, where you are able to buy a box of 500 rounds for about $20. Your Ruger 10/22 is a rifle plus it uses the identical sort of ammo. Even though a rimfire has a powerful array of 100 yards rifles do past that. Centerfire ammo is quite expensive. You’ll have to shed $20 for just 50 rounds.

Do not be diverted by a contrast of steel vs brass casing ammo. Because their basis is reusability, it’s not relevant to your 10/22. Steel casings can’t be reloaded whereas brass casings can be. However, your 10/22 uses rimfire ammo, which can be non-reloadable either way.

You will find brands of ammunition available on the market which are also termed as dirty ammo. It is not a term any manufacturer is currently going to utilize for itself! Dirty ammo is a form of ammunition which oftens and leaves from a great deal of dirt in your rifle. You’d have to clean your rifle after each 50 rounds or so. That’s where the title comes from.

Dirty ammo is pretty inexpensive, and individuals who adore plinking usually do not obey the fouling. It may be something if your rifle cleans after every shooting session anyhow.
Ammo differs based upon its successful range (accuracy), fouling and the biking rounds. As an example, the .22 brief rifle ammo in certain cases fails to cycle because it is a low-power, subsonic round which fails to offer enough blowback force for reloading.

On the other hand, high-velocity ammo was reported to damage your actions rifles by putting too much strain on the bullet setback.

Frankly speaking, the sort of ammo that works the best is distinct for every rifle. Yes, every one of them. There is no consensus about the best, and slight differences between your .22 may make it take one ammo better than another for this weapon.

What is the answer? Trial and error, mainly. You’re going to need to purchase different types of ammunition to attempt. Approximately 50 rounds each can help you determine which works best for the.

It’s almost like the expression”one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” Some fans of this .22 state that UMC ammo is crap, though others say it’s the best. The same holds for most brands. Certainly, it is dependent the way it is used by you and upon your rifle.

Kinds of 10/22 Ammo

The .22 LR comes in several forms. Bullet fat ranges from twenty to bullet velocities and sixty grains differ to 1750 ft/s from approximately 575 ft/s. Lower velocity .22 rounds are often plain lead with a wax coating while higher speed rounds are copper-plated to reduce barrel wear. There are four basic kinds of .22 LR ammunition: subsonic speed, high-velocity, and hyper-velocity.

Subsonic Rounds

Subsonic rounds travel slower compared to 1080 ft/s. Unlike quicker rounds, subsonic rounds aren’t overtaken by their very own sonic shockwave since they fall below the speed of sound midflight. Thus rounds are precise and secure. Subsonic .22 ammunition with lighter bullets offer minimal damage on impact and are therefore best for target shooting. With heavier bullets, .22 subsonic ammunition may be used for hunting small game.

Standard Velocity

Standard velocity .22 LR ammunition flies at a speed very close to the speed of sound if shot from a rifle barrel. Pistol barrels might be too short to burn all the powder and achieve maximum speed. 40-grain bullets are used by most typical velocity ammunition. As the name suggests, normal velocity ammo is a wonderful choice.

High Velocity

High-velocity .22 LR ammunition came into being together with the invention of smokeless powder. Smokeless powder is more effective than black powder, permitting a 8 percent increase in speed, surpassing 1300 ft/s with a 40-grain coating. High-velocity ammo is a great all-purpose option, together with performance enhancements over standard velocity.

Hyper Velocity

Hyper-velocity .22 LR ammo utilizes lighter bullets, around 30 grains, also slower burning powder. This means that pressure is preserved behind milder projectile as it moves down the barrel. Some manufacturers also add powder, compelling the bullet.

Review of this Best 10/22 Ammo

Now let’s look at some of the kinds of ammo that normally operate nicely with the Ruger 10/22.
Best Overall:

CCI Mini-Mags 36gr .22LR Ammo

The CCI Mini-Mig is probably the most famous .22LR ammunition on the marketplace. It sports a 36-grain projectile, which is the best for popping around 75 yards. If you love plinking, this ammo will be for you.

Priced at a reasonably low rate in comparison to its counterparts, the CCI Mini-Mag supplies tight grouping at short distances. It’s a copper-plated hollow point (CPHP) bullet which leaves the muzzle at 1260 fps. It is good to get varmint hunting, also you also are able to burn hundreds of rounds with no considerable fouling.

 CCI Stinger 32gr .22LR Ammo

A high-velocity around from CCI, the Stinger is well known for its pace. It is.
Ruger indicates that these hypervelocity rounds should not be used too much along with your 10/22. That is because those rounds traveling at high velocities. This creates a higher blowback strain on your activity, resulting in wear and tear on your own recipient. In addition they advocate not using the Stinger ammo at all with a number of its models, like the takedown variant.

This ammo comes with a copper-plated hollow point bullet having a teardrop cavity for absolute disturbance. These rounds are great for hunting, particularly due to the velocity which provides stronger penetration, for larger varmints. The CCI Stinger is clean, and very cheap trimming, keeping your action cleaner.

Hornady Varmint Express Ammo .22 Magnum (WMR) 30gr V-Max

Reliable; Couple to no Duds
Devastating Expansion on Impact
Double the Velocity of .22 LR Ammo
Excellent Bullet Quality and Aerodynamics
Doesn’t Operate in a Typical 10/22
Assess Your Barrel or Receiver Markings Before Use
Ruger utilized to produce a 10/22 Magnum capable of firing .22 WMR ammunition. Check the mark on your gun’s receiver to find out if yours is among them. If it states .22 WMR, lucky one, but if it says .22 LR, don’t attempt to load or fire that ammunition in your gun.

These rounds provide far greater performance than the normal .22 LR. Hornady’s V-max bullets have been intended to be true, have horizontal trajectories, and exhibit catastrophic expansion and fragmentation. These are top-quality projectiles with jacketed lead core and a plastic tip. They’re designed to have the best potential aerodynamics with devastating terminal ballistics specifically for varmints.
The terrific design and high power in a compact dimensions arguably make these the perfect survival around. At about 125 yards, the most assortment of those rounds can be greater than the .22 LR.

Bottom Line
For those who have or can get a Ruger 10/22 Magnum rifle, .22 WMR extends to you a substantial increase in performance over conventional .22 LR. Many shooters never go back. These Hornady V-max rounds take it with their well-built and extremely well-designed bullets. Expansion trajectory, and also the precision will keep you returning for more.
These rounds more than establish that rimfire is not only for kids. You may rest easy in Hornady ammunition, that is made from the USA with a guarantee against manufacturing defects. It is pretty tough to overcome at Hornady for factory-loaded ammunition.

Winchester 555 36gr .22LR Ammo

Winchester doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to firearms. These 36-grain .22LR rounds are a option of ammo for uses such as hunting plinking and target shooting. The round is a copper-Plated hollow round(CPHP) bullet which claims to reduce fouling due to the aluminum plating. The bullet has a muzzle velocity of 1280 feet per second, placing it in the range for .22 shots.
This mulch can be found in boxes of 333 and 555 rounds. Its cost will not do much damage to your pocket.

Aguila 22 LR Super Extra Standard Velocity

Superb Pairing
Great Value for Money
Available in Boxes of 50 or Cases of 5000

Aguila is notorious for offering great quality at a fantastic price. It is known for innovations such as the shotgun miniature shell along with the .22 Sniper Subsonic. Aguil’s Super Extra velocity rounds deliver exceptional reliability instead of invention to America round.

These Super Extras are ideal for cheap plinking or target clinic, even though they perform admirably for small game hunting also. The precision does not disappoint as its name implies, and stats are standard. Aguila says these bullets have a speed on the side of standard at 1130-feet each second.

They come in boxes of fifty five or cases of five million. This ammo is famous for its durability and consistency. It’s fabricated at an state-of-the-art centre in Mexico. Aguila uses just high-quality materials that are new and implements a excellent control program. There are just a only a few countries where guns and ammo are recorded as badly as the USA, however, Mexico is up there. Few if any one of the competitors of Aguila can offer exactly the value for money as possible.

Whether plinking, target shooting, or hunting small game, these Aguila Super Extra Standard Velocity .22 rounds are extremely difficult to beat. The high quality and reliability for your price is the most important selling point. Even though they are not created in the USA, these are the best things manufactured in Mexico since Salma Hayek.

Aguila 22 LR Super Extra High-Velocity

Amazing Value for Money
Extra Power in 1255 ft/s
Made to Feed Well in Semi-Autos Such as the 10/22
Copper-Coated for Improved Performance and Less Fouling

All these Aguilas really certainly are a step over the ones mentioned in our other recommended offerings. The .22 LR quality is far more capable than lots of individuals give it credit for, with kills on everything up to some world-record grizzly bear. Standard .22 LR ammo will function you well, especially for plinking, target shooting, and most little game.

Sometimes, but it is wonderful to have a little extra power at your fingertips. Aguila gives these bullets a muzzle speed of 1255 ft/s. Depending on the regional conditions, they should remain supersonic until just shy of attaining 100 yards, and it is significantly more or less their maximum variety.

As with all Aguila products, all these rounds are all constructed of top-quality substances and undergo rigorous excellent control. Even the solid-point bullets are copper-plated to boost functioning and reduce barrel fouling. These rounds are specifically designed to cycle well into weapons like the 10/22.

Aguila ammunition is proudly manufactured just south of their border from Mexico. This helps to keep the ammunition cheap without repainting standard. Due for their consistent quality and accuracy, these rounds will have you saying’muy preciso’ in almost no time.

Aguila’s consistent build quality leads to a dependable, accurate round. Having a few hundred more feet of muzzle speed over ammunition per second, although you want to be positive that dog remains dead but do not need to break the bank, this ammo is the perfect option. Aguila is a giant in the global ammunition business because of this. Many users are amazed by how tight their collections are using this ammo.

Federal Gold Metal Ultra Match 40gr .22LR Ammo

That is a Wonderful addition to the Gold Medal product lineup of Federal Ammunition. These 40-grain rimfire rounds feature bullets. These rounds are optimum for competitions and target practice. As a matter of fact, the Gold Medal lineup of ammo from Federal Ammunition is renowned for goal and competition shooting.

At 40 grains, all these bullets are subsonic and extremely accurate. Groupings that are tight being provided by them, particularly beyond 100 yards. If you are into shooting or target clinic, this is the best kind of ammo to your 10/22. Even the 50 round box was priced a bit higher than other manufacturers, but the use of the ammo disturbs it.

Sellier and Bellot High Velocity 38gr .22LR Ammo

Lead hollow-point bullets have existed for at least a century today. These are one of the widely-used and most-loved rounds for your 10/22. The Sellier & Belliot High Velocity ammo includes a hollow point lead bullet weighing 38 grains. The round has a muzzle speed of 1230 fps.

These dolls are excellent for hunting and plinking. compared to its counterparts the price is really comfy.

The single drawback of using this LHP ammo is that the fouling. Lead rounds are also known to cause amounts of fouling in rifles. Apart from that, hollow point and lead bullets can also be prohibited in some places. So make sure you check local regulations if you’d love to utilize those rounds.

Is It Great To Stick With One Type Of Ammo?

There’s no answer for this one. As mentioned above, each gun appears to get its own”preference” regarding kind of ammo. It depends upon what usage you’re placing your rifle into.

The best way to check would be to buy unique types of ammo and burn 50 rounds of every. You should then assess recoil the accuracy and fouling to decide which one is the best. Your preferences then get involved. As an example, you might not consider fouling a variable, as you’re likely to be cleaning the gun.

The primary factor you must test with your rifle would be that the grain of your own ammo. Grain refers to the weight of the projectile. The bulk of bullets is measured in grains. Seven thousand grains equals 1 pound. Bullets can vary anywhere between 15 grains like the 17HMR to 750 grains to the .50 Cal BMG.

Ammo using a heavier grain is diminished (generally subsonic). Bullets with grains – lighter, in other words have a higher velocity for the same caliber.

For example, the CGI Mini-Mag 36 grain works best for shooting around 75 yards, as well as the Winchester wildcat 40 grain is also great for shooting outside 100 yards. If you plan to use your 10/22 for competitions or hunting, you want to consider assessing grains of ammo. That is because the burden of the projectile is going to factor in alongside penetration, velocity, wind and also a ton of different things.


No new brand of ammunition is an ideal match for all Ruger 10/22 rifles. To have a look at what works best for the gun, you ought to get a few rounds of each kind of ammo and examine them.
Here is actually the best method to learn what ammunition your rifle enjoys the best. The performance of every kind of ammo differs according to usage that is desired and the conditions. So it’s best to test what works best for you personally.

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