Top 6 Best Barrel Upgrades for Ruger 10/22

The core of a gun, such as a Ruger 10/22, is its own barrel. Having a top of the line barrel is important if you’d like to have a top notch gun. In this report, we are here to assist and guide you on the purchasing journey of buying a new customized barrel.

What Barrel Length Can I Need?

The brief answer: it depends. Length might be a personal taste. But keep in mind you may need something that will improve the accuracy and speed of your 10-22 rifle. However there are restrictions on how long a barrel has to be to get a gun. In the country of New York, for example, a barrel will have to be more than 16 inches. If you reside in a gun prohibitive authority, please consult with your legislation.

Things to Search For When Buying a 10/22 Barrel

When looking for a 10/22 barrel, it’s almost always a fantastic idea to know which features and characteristics will probably stand out from the deciding factors for buying one. It’s important to pick a barrel sensibly in regards to enhancing your rifle, so you’re able to fulfill your goals. Here are some things


The cost will probably be a potential concern for people on a budget. However, it shouldn’t be that far of a major thing. What should matter most is performance and the quality. If you’re on a budget, you should never sacrifice the quality of a barrel because of affordability. Instead, receive the best grade that fits your budget so that you can keep it rather than just keep shifting out barrels ever so often.


Material It’s important to locate the perfect sort of material that is not only durable but also able to withstand all kinds of warmth due to extended use. The stronger the substance, the better the chance it can last long.


Installing the barrel will clearly come later on. However, it’s almost always a fantastic idea to consider purchasing a barrel that will be easy to install (or what is known as a drop-in design). A drop-in takes seconds and almost no abilities to have it installed. That will certainly save you a great deal of money and time.

Barrel Characteristics and Essential Info to Know

Rifle barrels contain spiraled cuts from the bore known as grooves and lands that make up rifling. The rifling’s degree is called its twist rate and represents a complete revolution in its denominator. For instance, a gun using a 1 in 10″ twist implies that the bullet makes a total rotation for each 10 inches of barrel length or two complete rotations for a 20″ barrel.

This speed depends upon the projectile of the round in question. In that sense a 55 grain 223 bullet will stay steady in flight if fired through a barrel with a 1 in 12″ spin, whereas a more bullet such as a 70 grain projectile could require a much tighter spin speed for example 1 in 7″. Most rifles chambered in 22 long rifle grade would be best suited for a 1 in 16″ spin.

Another important characteristic of a barrel is its exterior diameter or profile. Rapid shooting of a heavy standard by means of a lean barrel will induce these harmonics to change the attack of the round, whereas a thicker barrel will run less heat and less vibration.
The drawback of working with a thick barrel is that the excess weight it provides the gun. This variable makes most target rifles unsuitable for hunting purposes when the rifle is to be carried for long distances.

Lastly, because silencers or noise suppressors are now legal in 43 countries, yet another consideration to search for is a threaded muzzle to attach a silencer and lessen the rifle’s sound signature to make shooting simpler and more pleasant.

Many rim firing silencers from the United States are made to be utilized with threads cut to 1/2 X28 TPI (threads per inch). For muzzle brakes or these are the thread patterns for the most frequent flash suppressors.

Overview of the Best Ruger 10/22 Barrels

This is a listing of the best 10-22 barrels which are presently on the market. You need to consider looking carefully at every barrel so that you understand what to anticipate and possibly find any attributes and attributes that will stand out as interesting.

Below you may see the best Ruger 1022 barrels now available for purchase. They’ve been put into an easy to read table that makes it rather simple to get the one you’re looking for. Don’t worry, even if you are one that requires a little more info about a particular model then it is possible to view the part below where we review each one in depth.

1. Volquartsen LR Barrel

Simple to set up
Truly durable
Perfect alignment
Allows for accurate and precise shooting
Some fitting may be required
Lubrication may be need before usage
Shooting bands could be inconsistent at times
What Recent Buyers Report
New users could install this barrel with no extra troubles. Once set up, they stated they were able to find a little boost in precision from up to 100 yards. 1 user stated he had a boost in order to get the best kill shot whilst hunting for varmint or big game. Thus far, he had no complaints as far as shooting had been worried.

Why it Stands Out to Us
Once it comes to space age quality in a gun barrel, Volquartsen composed the book. Their barrels are considered some of their best on the planet.
This barrel comes in two distinct lengths. But no matter which one you pick, you will be able to receive improved accuracy and velocity from them.
They make their barrels for the Ruger 10/22 and its bolt-action brother, that the 77/22.
Their barrel pliers have been constructed from either aluminum or space age carbon fiber using steel on each end to advertise tension and rigidity. The barrels are designed for use with a cantilever scope mount instead of mounting over the receiver. They do not offer a threaded barrel now but do provide a version with a multipurpose compensator.

Who Will Use This Most
If you’re looking for a tough barrel which won’t weigh down your rifle the moment you install that, then you are going to be in good hands. You’ll see an immediate change compared to a previous barrel and it’ll definitely give you a leg up in any application. Don’t be shocked if this ends up becoming a barrel which lasts you years or decades.

Bottom Line
The Volquartsen LR is by far one of the most demanding and most dependable barrels which it is possible to locate to get a 10-22 rifle. The time you finished with installing this, you are going to be able to put this as a way to crank out as many shots as you can with pinpoint precision than you never thought was possible.

​2. Green Mountain Replacement Barrel

Simple to clean
Easy installation
Superior toughness
Fit and finish is perfect
Truly tight shooting groups
May take a little while longer to break-in
Some say it’s a bit heavier than many anticipate

What Present Buyers Report
A lot of new users were quick to point out just how hardy this barrel was and how it had been really hard to scratch and damage on account of the coating. The installation was a cinch for users and shooting classes were noticed by them . One user said that he was happy with the shots had been consistent and close together.

Why it Stands Out to Us
For a traditional carbon steel stainless steel barrel, look no farther than Green Mountain Replacement barrels. Green Mountain offers a Bentz chamber.
These barrels are provided in either the typical .920″ thick heavy barrel range and fluting is available to reduce weight and improve cooling. The fluted barrels weigh in at 2.72 pounds. Whereas the non-fluted versions weigh 3.25 lbs.The only drawback to these barrels aside from the heavier weight is a threaded version is not offered.

Who Can Use This Most
That really is actually the best barrel for a wide variety of applications. It is terrific for rifles that are heavy-duty and will manage so many rounds as long as you can. It’s rust-resistant and rust and will have the factor on its side. If this is the barrel that you want, it might be the last you buy for a 10-22 for a long time.
Bottom Line However, it’s caliber is something. This will rise above and beyond in any program and will look great. Whether you are going after varmint or rival this barrel isn’t one to underestimate.

3. ER Prove Target Barrel

Drop-in design
Not too heavy in fat
Really difficult both inside and out
Enables for sharp, true shooting
Perfect for hunting and target shooting

What Present Buyers Report
According to the majority of consumers, they expected the barrel to be somewhat hefty in weight. Nevertheless, they were utterly surprised by now they found it did not add on any extra (or unnecessary) burden to their rifles. 1 user stated he is still able to swing his rifle if he heard any sounds of an upcoming animal. To add, he stated that his shooting classes had been consistently tight after 100 rounds.

Why it Stands Out to Us
ER Shaw presents high polished blue carbon steel and stainless steel heavy barrels which are trimmed with a Bentz room to ensure reliability in addition to boost precision. These heavy contour barrels can be found with fluting and above all have a muzzle that can take muzzle brakes, silencers and flash suppressors threaded 1/2 X28 TPI.
If those barrels have just a drawback, apart from their relatively heavier weight, it is they won’t function with inexpensive ammunition such as CCI Stinger or aluminium plated Blazer ammunition.

Who Will Use This Most
This can be ideal for most 10-22 gun shooters. Some will probably be predators, some will be goal shooters, and others will do . If you’re seriously interested in obtaining a barrel that is lightweight, and will offer all kinds of consistently tight shooting bands you’d be hard-pressed to find a barrel quite like this anywhere else.

Bottom Line
The E.R. Shaw Ruger Goal barrel is your reasonably priced alternative for increasing accuracy and making every single shot as pinpoint and razor-sharp as you can. This barrel is lightweight and sturdy, and also a power to be reckoned with. We do not know what will When it doesn’t impress you more ways than one.

4. Tactical Solutions SB-X Barrel

Easy set up
Really hardy
Best utilized for a lot of applications
Included suppressor does a Fantastic job reducing recoil

What Recent Buyers Report
This barrel was a massive hit for the majority of users. They were quite intrigued by the design. However, they were even more impressed. Installation took about a couple of minutes and it immediately reduced a good amount of recoil. Because of the reduction he managed to get hands over his gun than ever before, one user said.

Why it Stands Out to Us
This barrel is the only 10-22 barrel that’ll be useful for anybody interested in customizing their rifle into the best of their abilities. It may be even allowing shooters to gain maximum control over their rifles and removing muzzle jump, and reducing recoil. The better hands you have, the greater your shots will do. Naturally, it can take a barrel that will measure at an affordable length and made of substances which will not overheat as simple after use and are tough.
Among the downsides of mounting a suppressor or silencer into a firearm is it may increase the overall length by as much as 8 inches, turning a lightweight and handy rifle like the Ruger 10/22 into a piece that becomes unwieldy. 1 alternative would be to reduce the amount to less than 16″ some other is to use hands on actical Solutions’ SB-X barrel.
The rifled portion of the SB-X measures 12.5″. An expansion chamber 4.25″ long stretches beyond the muzzle and includes internal threads to take and encapsulate a rim flame silencer as a protective shroud. Tactical Solutions offers these barrels to the standard Ruger 10/22 and its latest popular takedown version.

Who Can Use This Most
This is for all people who want only a customized gun from one end to another. You are going to be in for a surprise if you’re expecting a normal barrel for a 10-22 rifle. It allows you the chance to install muzzle brake a suppressor, or any other accessory that is meant to reduce sound, recoil, or whatever that might interfere with your shots or control.
The Tactical Solutions SB-X barrel will surpass many hopes and will unquestionably be a superb selection for anyone who might be considering the concept of lessening their own rifle’s overall recoil. It’s no secret that you want accuracy in the procedure and to have more control. Therefore a barrel similar to this may be right up your alley if you want your rifle to stick out among the pack.

5. Beyers Ruger 10/22 Ultralight Target Barrel

Excellent durability
Works for each program
Straightforward installation. Takes a few minutes
Doesn’t easily get scratched when cleaning Doesn’t feel like you are holding a dumbbell

What Recent Buyers Report
Based on this new buyers, they could put in this and be able to place through as many as 100 shots through this barrel. As a result, they were able to detect shooting groups that were consistent in different ranges. 1 user stated that this barrel may have played a part in turning his 10-22 rifle into a sharp shooting machine.

Why it Stands Out to Us
These barrels are made of an aluminum alloy having a steel liner so as to provide the same shape as a heavyweight goal barrel without the excess weight of a full steel version. Byers claims the 7075 aluminum billet is stronger than most barrel steels available on the industry and their barrel dissipates heat better than steel.
As well as the standard 22 long rifle quality, Byers offers these barrels in 17 HMR for an effortless caliber conversion. The producer recommends a heavier bolt carrier and charging handle assembly to guarantee reliability at the 17 HMR configuration.
The barrels are coated in Cerakote for a lasting finish to withstand surface wear along with the muzzles are threaded 1/2 X28 TPI. Rifling is a standard 1 in 16″ twist as well as the 22lr variants weigh less than one pound.

Who Will Use This Most
This will be ideal for any shooter which only needs nothing over a barrel which could stay lasting for as long as you can. You’d be amazed how a barrel that’s in hardcore caliber can stand shots no matter how many shooting sessions you have at the range or whenever you are out knocking down varmint targets. It is the barrel that can stick with you should you take great care of it.
If you would like superior quality and functionality in 1 barrel, the Beyers Ultralight is probably right up your street. Particularly once you would like a barrel which will give you nothing but the best in accuracy for the software that matter. No barrel may come close to this when it has to do with the stone caliber that goes together with it.

6. F.J. Feddersen Barrel

Drop-in design for easy installation
Authentic shooting at different distances
Simple to Install
Button Rifled

What Present Buyers Report
Most of the new users say that this barrel didn’t take long to put in or break-in. The precision was outstanding at different distances once it had been broke . 1 user stated that his classes were ridiculously tighter than his factory default barrel. He added that he is looking forward to his next opportunity to pinpoint his next kill taken and uses his 10-22 rifle.

Why it Stands Out to Us
That is one of the few barrels that you’ll find on the market which undergoes extensive evaluations for quality before they hit the market. And since it passes the test with flying colors, you will know right away that you’re managing some quality. It is going to most likely be next to indestructible. If you want a barrel that fosters precision and precision in the snap of a finger and won’t readily scratch or dent, this might be your cup of java.
This barrel out of F.J Feddersen is a .920 bull threaded, 16.25-inch barrel, that’s the perfect replacement for the existing one. The barrel features a chrome moly steel-based layout with a matte finish to match its own aesthetics.
The barrel features the most recent 5R rifling that was crafted into the bore using button rifling methods, therefore it will comply with the latest standards and technologies. The barrel is threaded onto the end to accept suppressors.
Plus, the barrel also will come with threaded caps to protect the threads. The 1:16 twist rate of the barrel is acceptable for the .22 cartridge, even considering that its fat and ballistics. The barrel does not fit right into the Ruger 10/22, but with relief of the barrel channel, it will fit in. The barrel may be used for target training contests, as well as searching.
This bull barrel can be employed to flame magnum ammunition as well. Its span is apt to achieve accuracy and adhere to the rifle-length regulations in most states. If you want quality over cost, this barrel would be the best replacement for the Ruger 10/22.

Who Can Use This Most
This is a multi-purpose barrel that will be useful to any user seeking to present their 10/22 rifle not only the shooting enhancements it requires but also the capacity to make this as visually sharp as you can. There is nothing that can stand out better than a great looking rifle that could shoot with precision and precision. And your fellow shooters only might envy you.
This Feddersen barrel has the most recent rifling, a fantastic twist speed, and pleasing aesthetics. It may be used for casual use, as well as shooting. The barrel was reported to improve the accuracy of this. In general, it is the best and most likely the barrel upgrade you’ll ever require.

How to Install a 10/22 Barrel

Installing a barrel takes you to completely strip down your rifle to screws and bolts. Changing the barrel in your 10/22 may be a simple task if you follow specific actions. Make sure to keep a screwdrivera punch, plus a ⅜ hex key before starting the job.
The very first thing would be to separate the action from the stockexchange. You will need a screwdriver to remove the barrel ring and stock retaining screw.
Next, you will have to disassemble the activity. Eliminate the takedown hooks to separate the trigger assembly. Once done, remove the bolt, charging you’re just left with the barrel and the receiver.
Now, use the hex key to remove the barrel retaining screws from the front of the receiver. You may also want to inspect the clamp , which can have a few cracks. Remember that this is also a good point.
Now pull the barrel out from the receiver and chair the new barrel . It may need some tapping and beating.
Once done, place the back bolt screws and build your rifle by minding the above steps . Be certain to look at the rifle’s performance after full meeting.


This article should help you find the appropriate barrel which can work best for your requirements as well as your firearms needs. We rated the top barrels now so if you opt to opt for any of those barrels we discussed within this article you can’t really go wrong.
If you would like to personalize your rifle more with cool accessories then be sure to go check out our components and accessories webpage. There you will get all sorts of cool stuff for your Ruger.

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