The Best Ruger 10/22 Bolt Buffers You Can Find Today

Some say it is a necessity, some say it’s useless. Since it’s one of the best-selling aftermarket components for a 10/22, it will deserve a little attention.
Here we’ll find out about bolt buffers and their importance for the Ruger 10/22 rifle. We will also examine some of the best bolt buffer pins which can be found on the market.

What Can a Bolt Buffer Do?

A bolt buffer is the replacement for your bolt stop pin on your rifle’s receiver. This pin is fabricated out of steel. The Bolt Buffer is composed from polyurethane, a polymer which doesn’t melt when exposed to heat. This is the home that makes this stuff usable for rifles, since recipients are vulnerable to a fantastic amount of warmth.

A bolt buffer replaces the bolt stop steel pin in your receiver. The Significant results of Working with a bolt buffer would be:

It reduces that clinking noise once the bolt pulls back and strikes the rear of the receiver later firing a shot. It is a normal activity, because the Ruger 10/22 has a blowback shooting system.
It makes the action somewhat shaky. Dampening the push of your own rifle as well as the cycling vibrations. At least according to manufacturers, anyway.

It may prevent cracks in your receiver resulting from prolonged usage or high-velocity ammo. Some Ruger rifles have been found to have receivers after years of usage. That doesn’t occur very often except when you use ammunition that is heavier.

How to Choose a Bolt Buffer For Your 10/22

Finding the best bolt buffer to your 10/22 will take a little time and detective work. To put it differently, you are going to want to distinguish which bolt buffer would be a better model in comparison to one that might be considered poor in crappy and performance in caliber. If you understand some of the attributes and characteristics that make a bolt buffer stand out, then you’ll have the ability to select one that will work best for you very easily.

It Is OK to Place Price under Consideration

The price tag is often the first thing a great deal of budget shoppers consider. They’ll take a peek, As soon as they seem to be wavy. The important thing here is to make both a priority instead of price. Be sure to find the best bolt buffer which you could manage according to performance and quality. To put it differently, don’t go cheap or you’ll be disappointed.

The best bolt buffers are often made with the best stuff. Because they will be working together with bolt actions of 10/22 rifles, they are made from materials that will not wear down or tear easily. Materials like polyurethane are not only durable, but they are wonderful for permitting reliable cycling for the 10/22 bolts.

Find One That Is Easy to Install

Some accessories are a breeze to install and those that might require some kind of gunsmithing skills. You can find something simple to install, if you lack any degree of the latter. When you have the extra money and patience you can find a bolt buffer that will be installed by a gunsmith. If not, then find one which is going to take the sort of tools and some time to set up.

Overview of the 10/22 Best Bolt Buffers

As you search through each one, it is important to be aware characteristics and the qualities that stand out. Additional you might understand how a bolt buffer works to a place where you may get an notion about what a”fantasy bolt buffer” ought to appear and operate like.

If you find something close enough to your description, you may discover a winner on your hands. There’s not a whole lot more that can be stated about buffers, plus they are a product. Here is our ideas on a couple of the brands. Now, let’s take a look at the first bolt buffer on our list:

1. Tactical Solutions

Super durable cloth
Reduces a Whole Lot of felt recoil
Easily reduces a lot of metal on metal
Preserves and protects the life of your recipient
Some trimming to shorten the span may be required

What Present Buyers Report
A lot of recent buyers were delighted with the buffer. Most consumers say this is considered to be among the most inexpensive buffers available on the current market, but it is so durable and reliable that they concluded that it needs to be priced more. As expected, the buffer is easy to set up with little to report. Most users could hear no noise coming from your bolt, therefore removing any metal on metal contact.

Why it Stands Out to Us
This buffer could be cheap, but it certainly doesn’t offer you this cheap, flimsy feeling. Plus, it’s the 1 buffer which will easily match 10/22LR harmonious rifles. Besides that, in addition, it can reduce some. So, if muzzle jump is affecting your precision, you would be amazed the way the bolt buffer similar to this can work to your benefit.
Here Is a polyurethane buffer out of a renowned company, Tactical Solutions. The business has been known for manufacturing 10/22 aftermarket parts and accessories as 2002. Their buffer is an easy item of polymer, which might come in several colours. Once installed inside the recipient, the buffer will not be observable because of its clear design.
Use a hammer gently if you find it challenging to push on the buffer via the pin holes.

Who Can Use This Most
This is going to be a popular choice among 10/22 owners that are looking for a bolt buffer onto a budget. At exactly the identical timethey need something that’s not only inexpensive but also the best in functionality and quality. If that is what you’re searching on your own, then that really is the diamond in the rough. When it works tirelessly to shield your receiver for a long 16, don’t be amazed.
The Tactical Solutions bolt buffer is the inexpensive solution to be certain that your 10/22 bolt is in working order, and at exactly the same time, may function to prolong the life span of your own gun. Do not be surprised that you’ll be able to use the identical gun several years down the road because of the unit.

2. Volquartsen 22 buffer

Fits in many Ruger 10/22 rifles
Preserves the Life Span of your recipient
Takes away a lot of the clanging from metal on metal contact
It takes a Brief amount of time to set up, likely no longer than 30 seconds
Some sanding may be needed before fitting
Might not decrease as much recoil as advertised
Some petroleum might be needed to assist fit it into the rifle

What Present Buyers Report
Latest buyers were pleased with this bolt buffer to get a couple of great explanations. First, they could put in this with little to no situation. Secondly, the bolt actions and the functionality of their rifles were fostered quite a bit. One user said that it eliminated a bit of recoil make straighter and that was sufficient for him to control his rifle, more accurate shots.
Why it Stands Out to Us You won’t even know it’s there as soon as it is installed by you. It is a little piece that may fit with the goal to get rid of any clang noises which include the territory of metal on metal contact in rifles. It will also protect the receiver of the rifle . In short, installing this will not only preserve the level of your gun safe, but the functionality will be quality for certain.
This buffer is created by Volquartsen Firearms, a known brand from the firearms business. It’s designed primarily for 10/22 long rifles and also 10/22 magnum rifles. The buffer is apparent. You won’t even see it is there. After installing it, but you’ll still feel the gap.
Effortless to install and replace, this buffer is also a significant and inexpensive upgrade for the Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Who Can Use This Most
This will probably fit on most 10/22 rifles which are more modern than the old versions. In addition, it is going to be a terrific addition to people who wish to get the best out of the gun, such as recoil reduction and”looks like brand new” kind of bolt and receiver. If you want your rifle to seem down the road, it just might begin with something such as a bolt buffer.
Bottom Line
The Volquartsen recoil buffer snare is tough and supplies you with less clanging and banging that’s not uncommon with most bolt action rifles. Do not be shocked if you see instantaneous changes by the moment you get this unit set up on your rifle.

3. Kidd bolt buffers

Super lasting quality
Affordable for budgets
It could easily fit on most 10/22 rifles
Eradicates a Whole Lot of clanging out of metal on metal contact
Some matching may be required
Installation might be a little tricky in the beginning
Bolt may be a little stiff initially after installation

What Recent Buyers Report
Most recent buyers were quite satisfied with this bolt buffer. They stated it was a good piece of gear that required some time to install (with some difficulties ), but once some finagling was said and done with, the operation was rather eloquent. One user said that he managed to move his bolt on and back with greater smoothness after setup.
Whenever it’s not made from durable soft materials, it’s lasting nonetheless. It’s among the best aftermarket bolt buffers on the marketplace. Therefore, if you’re looking for something which will put another aftermarket buffers to shame, you may want to start with this. Aside from that does a wonderful job reducing a lot and is outstanding.
Kidd is possibly the most loved aftermarket manufacturer of 10/22 upgrades. This buffer from Kidd is a mixture of hard steel and rubber. The pin is inserted in a hollow tube at the center of this rubber. The pin is also removable. This supplies you with a stiff bolt pin buffer, together with the durability of steel interior along with the softness of rubber to the outside, that battering sound is considerably reduced.
Kidd provides a lifetime replacement warranty for their worn out buffers. So it a win-win.

Who Will Use This Most
This will most likely match in newer 10/22 versions. Maybe it doesn’t match with models that are elderly. When you’ve got a 10/22 which you recently bought and you need to preserve and protect it from any damage which can result from biking vibration or a worn-down bolt, you may be hard-pressed to find a bolt buffer like this anyplace else.
The Kidd bolt buffer is tough, tiny enough to fit in many rifles, and powerful enough to manage a lot of work. This tiny unit can take. Set up this and you will have a gun which will provide you a lengthy time of support that is reliable.

4. Tuffer Buffer

No issues later 2,000 rounds fired
It can be installed in as little as ten minutes.
Resistant to all Sorts of solvents and cleaning oils
Diameter Might Be too Large
Some lubrication may be required
May not operate when the gun is dirty

What Present Buyers Report
Lots of recent buyers were content with this small unit. They could install this into their 10/22 rifles in a matter of a few minutes. After installed, it removed any noise that has been created with metal on metal contact between the bolt action and the gun itself. One user said that it also made his bolt action somewhat smoother than previous times.
This is created of high-quality materials that are designed to stop the bolt from wearing down. It’s the sort of device you want if you’d like a bolt actions that will give you years of reliable support. The down process will be hastened by metal-on-metal touch, and it is a solid and strong buffer such as this that will find the business done and stop that from occurring.
These tuffer buffer bolts come as a single unit or in a pack of 3. The buffer comes in blue and is simple to install. Simply hold it and push it slightly inside. The business is located in Ontario, and manufactures 10/22 buffers primarily. It protect the receiver in the blowback stress and will make your rifle more quiet.

Who Will Use This Most
This will likely be utilized for general functions. This will be employed by those who not only possess modern 10/22 builds, but it could also fit versions. In any event, you will have something which will preserve and protect your gun’s bolt action.

Bottom Line
If you’d like a terrific buffer that will work exceptionally well with most 10/22 rifles, the Tuffer Buffer might be precisely what you’re searching for. Together with the most durable stuff out there to get a unit similar to this, there’s no question that your bolt action will last a very long time to you with no wear and tear to cope with.

5. Power Custom 22 Buffer

Super durable
Eradicates a Good Deal of”clanging”
Simple to install, takes a Couple of Minutes
Super lasting
Some lubricant might be needed for fitting
Might Be too tight of a match with some other recipients

What Recent Buyers Report
As expected, plenty of users were quick to give this bolt buffer some positive comments. The fit was nice and tight and provided a whole lot of protection to their rifle bolts. 1 user was quick to add that he was able to put in this in a couple of minutes and heard no metal on metal touch after that. He said that the bolt movement was smooth and left his rifle trustworthy.
This buffer is created of high-quality materials and is in the ideal length to match many Ruger magazine tubes. As anticipated, it is going to remove any kind of wear on 10/22 bolts. At exactly the exact same time, it will lower any noise from metal on metal contact. In short, it is doing exactly what a bolt buffer is designed to do. The buffer is a rigid piece of polyurethane, which prevents your bolt out of battering into your receiver.
Please make certain to push it thoroughly down the pit, or it might result in improper cycling of rounds.

Who Will Use This Most
Expect this to be used by owners of the contemporary models of 10/22 rifles. Yes, they look brand new, but they are able to endure the test of time and regular usage with a buffer such as this. If youwish to maintain it as good as new for a long time to come and’re searching for something to get a newly purchased 10/22 rifle, this might be something worth.

Bottom Line
On top of this, it is going to create your rifle bolt operate smoothly a few years or even decades in the future. This might be the sole bolt buffer which you’ll need to make sure that your rifle will stay in the very best shape for quite a while.

There’s a whole lot of debate about using bolt buffers or bolt hooks. People have various opinions about it. Whether you Will Need a buffer or not depends on your use of this 10/22 that contributes to a question that Lots of People have raised:

Why doesn’t Ruger use buffers rather than pins, if they are rewarding.

The answer is probably profit. As a gun maker, Ruger is purchasing metal in enormous quantities. It’s simpler and cheaper for them to earn metal hooks compared to make the polyurethane buffers. Therefore, even though we don’t want to place the grade of the Ruger into any uncertainty, we still have to bear in mind they’re trying to earn a profit, and they create more of a gain not having to switch to foam bolt buffers.
The Ruger 10/22 works just fine with no memory buffer, after all, and it will not make a big difference if you’re not even a sports shooter or hunter.

Reasons You Would Use a Buffer ​On Your 10/22

As mentioned previously, installing a buffer causes your gun significantly less noisy. If you’re a hunter seeking to prevent your match from scattering with this loud’clink’ sound, you need to use a buffer.
In case you’ve altered your 10/22 having a bull barrel and plan to use heavier ammo such as Aguila or Stinger, you should use a buffer. Not only does this make the action less noisy, but additionally, it protects your receiver from the heavy blowback stress. That stress is exactly what could finally make your recipient crack.
In case you are not fond of metal slamming right into alloy, and want some peace of mind when shooting at your 10/22, utilize it. It doesn’t interfere with the normal performance of the rifle.
It makes the activity smoother. Very too much but it still helps. The buffer absorbs any power of the recoil, or so the recoil jerk gets decreased.
The decline in the recoil jerk enhances the grouping of shots and improving accuracy. You’ll find a great one. They tear and stop your 10/22 from unnecessary wear.
You use your Ruger 10/22 only for fun to the scope. You are not into deep woods hunting or contests where noise issues.
You don’t mind that’clinking’ noise, even if you’re shooting hundreds of rounds per go.
You enjoy your Ruger 10/22 only the way it is and don’t need a cheap aftermarket update destroying its sanctity, even though it boosts the performance of your rifle.


Buffer pins are some of the the best-selling update accessories for Ruger 10/22 rifles. In case the buffer pins didn’t function as promised, that would not be the case. A polyurethane bolt buffer pin makes your rifle quieter and helps stop it from suffering wear and tear.

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