Best Ruger 10/22 Magazines (2020) – Comprehensive Buying Guide

The Ruger 10/22 rifle is among the hottest selling rifles At America and is typically known as the”first twenty-five for adults”. Prior to the launch, the bulk of rim fire rifles have been aimed.

Trainers will be the first to Actually grasp the Idea Of utilizing the 22 rim fire for a training aid and a variety of pistols and shot or bolt action rifles were created with this purpose. It took a while for the rifle manufacturers to catch that adults wanted to make the most of the price tag of 22 long rifle, but the largest haul up to reliability was producing a magazine.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks For Ruger 1022 Magazines

Why You Ought to Have Over One Magazine

The Reply to this query is instinctive and self-explanatory. Having over 1 magazine has benefits. The very first is as it gives backup. Magazines are lost, stomped, and kicked at the scope, which might cause them to deform or crack. Having a spare journal covers your back.

Another motive would be to have different sets for Specific uses. Magazines frequently dropped and kicked are more prone to malfunction, which means they shouldn’t be trusted by you for home-defense or contests. So having another collection of magazines for such functions is of wonderful help.

Finally, a very casual reason for having magazines is reloading. You don’t need to waste time filling up magazines at the range. Or even worse, during a situation. Having over 1 magazine allows you to concentrate more about shooting than reloading.

The Way to Pick a 10/22 Magazine

There are factors and important features to Search for When selecting a 10/22 magazine. Rifles are employed for training, competitions. So it is very imperative to pick the perfect magazine to your 10/22. Let’s look at these factors one by one.


It’s a concern with almost every product you buy, but With magazines, it gets even more important. Magazines are more inclined to be dropped and stomped while changing. Additionally, a mag made from poor material may crack or corrode open while shooting. Thus, you must buy a durable and sturdy magazine for the reliability.

Feed Lips

The feed lips of a journal are Contact with the bolt. It’s responsible for the proper selection of a round in the room. It is better to get metal feed lips so they don’t deform or break under the influence of pressure and time , thus causing malfunctions.

Follower and Spring

Both the spring and the follower are responsible for the Good cycling like the 10/22 of rounds at a semi-auto weapon. Having a good spring maintains the pressure within the magazine. Plus, using a fantastic follower (rather an anti-tilt) ensures proper cycling of rounds at any situation. A lien may be composed of metal or polymer and as long as it’s of high quality, the material does not really matter.


A magazine’s power is what separates defines it One from the other. The initial Ruger factory magazine(a.k.a rotary magazine) will hold only five rounds at one time. If you are at the range, or in a situation, obtaining a restricted number of rounds could be frustrating. They are not too useful today, although five round mags might have been a charm in the 19th century. Consider using a magazine with considerable capability, respective to your use.

Fast Take – The Ruger 10/22 Magazines

These are the recommendations for your ruger 10/22 magazines:

BX-25 Magazine by Ruger

10/22 Magazine from Ruger

Magazine from Ruger

Overview of the Ideal Ruger 10/22 Magazines

Here are some some of the ruger 10/22 magazines Available in the market which we analyzed them in detail so you could pick the one that you desire and picked.

1. 10/22 Magazine by Ruger


Reliable Feeding

Quality Construction

Lightweight and Compact

Good for Each Single Use With 10/22


Limited Capacity

We proceed back to the fundamentals with the round polymer that is ten Magazine from Ruger. These ten round magazine was initially utilized by the 10/22. These magazines are made from tempered polymer to reduce the weight of the installation, though Ruger initially utilised to manufacture their magazines from steel.

These magazines contain the same’rotary’ mechanism 10/22 magazines. The magazine falls freely and also stays flush in the receiver. You don’t need to worry about a malfunction or jamming your rifle with such magazines since they’ve been tested over and over for a long time.

Those mags’ flush-fitting layout causes your rifle a More setup to carry. Plus, it will not interfere with your stance, whether you are shooting prone or out of rock. The steel feed lips are durable and reliable. The magazine is great for hunting, practice, and competitive shooting.

Bottom Line

The ten curved polymer magazine out of Ruger stays flush inside The rifle, which enhances handling to a certain extent. The magazine is dependable and works very well with the 10/22. Conclusively, if this magazine does not work together with your 10/22 your rifle comes with a issue.

2. BX-25 Magazine from Ruger


Produced By Ruger

Works Flawlessly

25 Round Capacity

Lightweight and Durable Polymer Body


Absolutely None

Finally, Ruger has Produce a high capacity magazine for It and the 10/22 has taken the market. What might be better than the rifle building a magazine for its manufacturer? These mags from Ruger have a huge 25 round capacity, which is enough to carry your rifle. The mags include a polymer body, which is lightweight and sturdy .

This magazine’s nourish lips have been made from stainless Steel that won’t twist or crack time and strain. Adhering to internals, the magazine will be powered with a high speed tempered spring steel spring plus a polymer-based follower.

The magazine is simple to disassemble and clean. The curved When stacking 25 rounds at a 19, Form of those mags provides absorbs and a grip lesser distance. You never encounter a mistake with these incredible magazines. The 25 round capability makes these magazines good for contests, clinic, and sometimes even searching (game acceptable for .22). The magazines have a finish so that you’ll locate them aesthetically pleasing.

Bottom Line

The 25 round detachable magazine is a masterpiece out of Ruger. It’s lightweight and increases the capacity of your 10/22 into that of an assault rifle. It’s readily serviceable and economic to use.

3. Magazine from Ruger


Metal Feed Lips

15 Round Ability

Resistant to Rust and Water

Lightweight and Compact Design

Works With All Ruger .22 Variants



This really can be a mid afternoon capacity magazine by Ruger for the 10/22. This is sometimes considered a version of the similar models. These mags are produced from a hard molded polymer that imparts strength when retaining them lightweight. The magazine has a much more ergonomic design as well as the 15 round capability makes it even better for applications.

The hardened spring steel spring guarantees Function in conjunction with some polymer-based follower. The nourish lips are created so that’s definitely a plus. The magazine won’t crack because of its construction.

The magazine is serviceable. To disassemble the Magazine is to pull a couple of screws. The magazine works nicely with Ruger 10/22 SR-22 along with .22 Charger Pistols, so it is an all-in-one solution for many of your Ruger .22 stock exchange. The magazine is great for competitions searching, and self-defense. The 15 round capacity may be prohibited in some states, so make sure you check the regional laws before purchasing one.

Bottom Line

The Ruger 15 round magazine is much compact and easy to Carry and save. The magazine contains metal feed lips to protect against some jamming and error and will be more lightweight.

4. Ruger .22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine


Offered in Your Choice of Black or Clear Polymer

Ruger’s Factory Original Magazines Provide You with the Best in Reliability

Ten Rounds are Carried by ruger’s Rotary Magazine Design Without Extending Beneath the Floorplate On Your Receiver


A Few of the Clear Mags Could Be Too broad to Chair in Your Gun

Most of Us know that Ruger is the hottest of America As a result of its economical merchandise and legendary reliability, manufacturer. Lots of its versions are classics which have used. The 10/22 is one such firearm.

The most popular and common gun in the U.S.A. today, many of Us learned to shoot with a 10/22. As such, the options for aftermarket customization of your 10/22 are practically endless, with heaps of organizations making upgrades or components. However, nothing surpasses the reassurance and flawless compatibility you receive from using Ruger factory original components like these mags.

Ruger rotary .22 LR mag was among those innovations That contributed to this popularity. Using their own metal feed lips, it’s hard to beat on the mags’ reliability. Ruger gives you the option of black or transparent polymer although they both seat completely into the receiver of your rifle. The choice that is obvious is nice to be able to tell which ones will need to be reloaded and which un-seated mags are loaded. They’re also useful if you prefer to load a couple of different mags .

Bottom Line

The features of these mags are the choice of black or Clear the specific layout that is rotary and polymer structure.

5. 10/22 10-Round Magazine


Pouch Included

Intelligent Design

Prevents Fumbling

30 Round Capacity at One Moment

Works As A Backup During Malfunctions


Takes Up Space

This Item Is Truly a very smart and intelligent way to Outsmart high capacity magazines. The bundle includes one tri mag coupler, three ten round rotary Ruger 10/22 magazines and a single tri mag pouch to carry them all.

The thing concerning this item is the coupler. It Gives you an opportunity to take 30 rounds at the distance of a finger. It is a smarter solution than those high ability banana magazines. It is possible to load up those 3 magazines using ten rounds each and mount them on the coupler.

Mounting is simple as you Just Need to snap with the mags into the Platforms and twist the screw. The coupler aligns the magazines into a triangular form, and that means that you can change between magazines. This reduces the time and greatly prevents you. Utilizing this setup removes the problems which might be imminent with a banana magazine, if one of your magazines jam, then you can quickly switch to the other one.

The coupler uses the regular 10/22, ten round factory mags, So that you don’t have to procure any ones. The tri that is included mag pouch holds the coupler with magazines mounted, with the indexing slot. In addition, it could be worn around your belt like a holster.

Bottom Line

The coupler setup increases your shooting capacity to 30 rounds, without compromising on reliability and nourish difficulties. You can change to a different if one of your malfunctions or stands out. The price is outstanding considering the contents of this bundle.

6. Champion 25rd Magazine With Metal Head And Magazine Loader Combo


Apparent Polymer Magazine Body Lets You See How Many Rounds Are Loaded

The Lighting Polymer Magazine Has Metal Feed Lips for The very best Reliability

With the Loader Automatically Orients Over 50, a Couple Shakes Rounds for Quick, Simple Loading


You May Not Ever Need to Load Your Mag Without This Loader Again

Goal and champion Range produces a Selection of goal Shooting and safety gear from its headquarters in Oroville, California. Everybody loves plinking having a .22 LR rifle. It’s easy to run through two of ammo or a brick and this is the way many of first determine to shoot as teens.

The Ruger 10/22 is the most popular rimfire rifle of the nation And with good reason. Even though plinking using a 10/22 is bliss, reloading .22 LR rounds to high capacity magazines is no one’s favourite undertaking. Champion magazine loaders operate at any .22 LR mag orient around 50 rounds with a couple simple replacements.

The loader can also be compact and light, easy to pack approximately in A range bag or the like. Even the 25-round magazine it comes with gets a metallic head to be sure the feed lips don’t wear out. The see-through design is useful for indexing many rounds you’ve left. Steel is less solid than Polymer, it has a tendency to dip back into shape at which steel may permanently bend.

Bottom Line

The best features of this loader and mag combo are the ease Of loading and clear polymer for indexing of the number of rounds you’ve left.

7. Ruger 10-22 Apparent .22 LR Magazine


Metal Feed Lips

Durable and Dependable

Fits Inside the Rifle

Clear Style to Keep Track of Rounds


Low Capacity

This magazine would be the response to people Searching for clear magazines from Ruger. The ten shot magazine was produced from a transparent polymer, which lets you see inside the mag. You are able to view the magazine and assess how many rounds stay inside .

This eliminates the need for pulling the magazine to checks. This really is a good relief for individuals that neglect counting while they take. Not only that, but it’s also a safety measure for working with rifles.

Instead of the polymer body that is clear, the journal includes metal Feed lips to eliminate any odds of malfunction from that point. Even the mag fits flush within the rifle, just like the rotary magazines.

These mags’ design also comes in handy when you Are loading them using a speed loader. It gives you a way to track how many rounds are filled and what stays.

Bottom Line

The layout magazines from Ruger Provide a way to Keep an eye on the bullets in the magazine. Apart from that, it works exactly the same as the original factory magazines.

History of Ruger and Magazines

Some producers used a tube like lever action rifle Or pump action shotgun used one column magazine like semiautomatic pistols, but Ruger moved in a different direction and produced a distinctive magazine that has been years before its time.

Unfortunately Ruger’s leadership Wasn’t fond of earning Magazines with a capacity that is larger. The owner and creator of ruger went to testify before congress that a cap on ten rounds could be that a shooter could ever need. Ruger would go to cease manufacture of magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds.

Aftermarket magazine firms tried to meet with the Demand for magazine capacity for Ruger’s 10/22. A number of these attempts proved unsatisfactory so the magazine spring would neglect or when either the plastic lips could decode. Fifty-round”banana clips” and also hundred-round drums make little sense in case they won’t feed reliably.

Finally it came full circle flowing the Firm; Ruger took off in directions which would have been unthinkable under the president that is past, including the fabrication of magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds.

For the Ruger 10/22 the BX25 was intended by which.

When one magazine is drained, the shooter ejects it, turns It and reinserts the magazine to get a total of 50 rounds capacity.

The length is not cared for by some detractors which the BX-25 and BX-25X2 imparts about the gun’s profile. In many cases this may interfere with a shooter who’s shooting from a shooting position and it is ideal to stay with the typical factory rotary magazines that sit flush with the bottom of the inventory.

As well made as the original inkjet magazines arethey can Get stuck in the magazine well or be inadvertently loaded then backwards stuck. As the magazine can be eliminated due to its duration, Even the BX-25 and BX-25X2 remove these issues and this magazine’s concave curve always faces forward.


That is going to complete the post on the Ruger 10/22 magazines. We took a peek at just two, both of which were the bx-25 version.

Was because these two Magazines are the only magazines which you should be buying for the 1022 rifle. They are the top of the lineup and they won’t let you down.

They are Great for almost Each and Every type of shot and Will do its job flawlessly. Thank you for reading, even if You’re looking for a new Stock to go with a new mag then Inventory page.

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