Top 8 Scopes for Ruger 10/22 Rifle in 2020 – An Overview

As it comes to choosing a scope for a Ruger 10/22 rifle many shooters choose the”path of least resistance” and choose for a cheap 1″ tube model using a similar dimensions goal which mounts on the top top rail of the rifle. These scopes are cheap and since the rifles have little to no recoil and are shot at relatively short ranges; they could endure for years. When they do malfunction, they can be fast and easily replaced.

Within the following article, we’re going to take a look at the Ruger 10/22 scopes and explain why they are considered our versions of the year.

As a 22 rifle might never be a lifesaving item of gear or make the gap on an expensive searching adventure, the vast majority of shooters can get by using this form of a set up and can safely presume that these would be the best 10/22 rifle scopes for the money.​​​​​

That is little comfort if your aim with your 10/22 is more than simply shooting cans at the ditch or taking out ground squirrels at 50 ft. You are a shooter looking to enhance and purchased a target grade 10/22 rifle very similar to your big bore centerfire rifle to save money on ammunition or you wish to compete with your 10/22 at a game. Maybe you feel better using a scope that really lets you see your goal along with the 1″ objective just does not cut it.

No matter the reason, you want something more than the groove mounted 1″ flimsy bit using a 2.4X eyepiece that takes 5 minutes to acquire a sight picture. You need not go with a $1000 import from Austria or Germany as some of the best Ruger 10/22 rifle scopes may be obtained for approximatley $50.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Scope on Your 10/22

Scopes exist for greater accuracy, especially. Even though the .22 LR isn’t a long range round, a scope will still greatly improve precision. If you are shooting or feel your eyes are getting a bit outdated for iron sights, a scope is definitely the best way to go.

The 10/22 is the rifle for training youth to take too. To get a collection of skills it is best to train them on both the iron sights plus a scope. One great characteristic of scopes is magnification, allowing you put your shot precisely where you desire and to identify your target.

A scope with a big objective lens might be simpler to target in reduced light conditions than other sighting choices. If you are searching for game which doesn’t like to remain which is all game, a scope offers target acquisition than traditional iron sights.

Qualities of a Good 10/22 Scope

The Ruger 10/22 is an inexpensive, light, and excellent rifle. It should be paired using a scope that has these very same qualities. The 10/22 has no recoil and can be a weapon, therefore build-quality and magnification aren’t vital at an 10/22 scope.

This helps maintain the cost of the scope down. There are two chief qualities a 10/22 scope certainly needs. These are the ability to hold zero more time and clarity. There are also a few other qualities you should watch for when purchasing a Excellent scope for the 10/22


A lightweight scope can be a plus if you intend to hike around with it a lot instead of just sit in 1 area.


For ranging an adjustable turret can help shoot as accurately as possible. Specialized reticles with mark for ranges will also be available as an option.


Although magnification isn’t as critical as on caliber rifles, it is still good to have. Assessing a magnified lens is also a skill to teach young shooters that we frequently purchase 10/22s for. Common magnification ranges for .22 LR rifles comprise 3-9x along with 2-7x. Is fantastic for hunting with a .22.


The bigger the scope’s objective lens, the brighter the sight image is going to soon be, but the wider the scope will be. Objective lens diameters of either 20mm or 33mm are sufficient and keep the weight down. Some people still prefer the 40mm or 42mm alternatives to get a brighter sight picture.

Review of the Best Ruger 10/22 Scopes

The best scopes to the 10 22 rifle are all listed below, starting with the best one. These is a good list for the best scopes and will help you quickly determine which one you need.

We really obtained this scope onto a used rifle and were going to throw it in exchange for a higher end model, but curiosity got the better of us. It was be a scope to run on our 10/22 for several reasons.

1. BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope


30/30 reticle for sighting in close Variety

Fully coated optics for clean and crisp image

Optimal 3-9 magnification for the Ruger 10/22

Sturdy design.

The sub-$50 price makes this Russian made scope hard to pass up.

Includes mount walls, lens cover, cleaning material and covered by a lifetime warranty

The 3 X 9 setting is popular for many reasons and while you may keep it set to a single setting, it’s very good to have the alternative.


Mounts have

We have seen this version in Matte black. It will look great on either a blued rifle, but might not appear so good on a stainless steel model.

Such as the Simmons’ scopes, the rings are not exactly the best in the world. We recommend using the mill 10/22 rings if they came with your rifle or purchasing better pair.

What Present Buyers Report

Buyers were impressed with the performance and worth of the scope. The scope has been reported to be quite easy to mount and sight. Plus their standing is maintained by the settings . The scope improves the accuracy of a 10/22 tenfold. But some users pointed out several minor rail fitting problems.

It Stands Out to Us

The scope is affordable, effective and the perfect fit for your Ruger 10/22. While the gun itself does not cost much, this scope is a perfect technical and financial accessory for this. The Barska scope packs all of the features absolutely necessary to get a 10/22, and the provider offers a limited lifetime guarantee to cover your back.

Who Will Use This Nearly

The scope is ideal for plinkers and hunters. The 3-9x magnification will enable the shooter to seek vermin above short or medium ranges. The scope is totally adjustable for windage and elevation and can be very durable. It is also a great alternative for folks that desire a whole package as opposed to scouring gun shop shelves for lens caps and scope mounts.

Bottom Line

The Barska 3-9x scope is the perfect selection for a 10/22 plinker or hunter. The scope is covered by a limited lifetime warranty and will withstand climatic conditions’ test. The scope is easy to sight-in and maintains its own preferences. A balanced option for both novices and pros.

2. Tasco Red Dot 1 x 30mm Rifle Scope


High quality durable red dot optic with HD clarity

Built-in dovetail rail for weaver style bases

5 MOA illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings

Elevation and windage are flexible. Comes with lens caps

Works with .22 rimfire rifles, shotguns, and powerful handguns

Exceptionally lightweight scope using money-back capacity

The compact design allows for a stronger optic along with the dot provides faster target acquisition from 100 yards compared to the traditional scope will.


Turret knobs Expect a tool to Correct

Does not fit Picatinny rails with no adapter

Useless if the battery dries out(Though It could be detached quickly)

Unlike a normal riflescope, your space is limited to exactly what it is possible to see with the naked eye.

The scope will become useless without a power source and these types of batteries can be hard to Find

What Buyers Report

Users appreciate the lightweight and compact design of this red dot scope. Along with acquisition capacity that is speedy and the. The brightness is also a plus factor for buyers. The windage and elevation screws are also tight which enable the red dot keep its turret settings.

It Stands Out to Us

The Tasco red dot is a helpful and lightweight addition to the Ruger 10/22. It allows the user to correct brightness and is not difficult to attach/detach. The red dot keeps its configurations and is synonymous with guns having acceptable mounting rails.

This one is sort of our odd-man out with no magnification or reticle, however, the reddish dot brings some other benefits in range accuracy.

Who Can Use This Nearly

The red dot scope is excellent for practice, plinking and hunting sport at close variety. The 5 MOA offers fast target acquisition and coupled with turret adjustments and all the brightness. It serves as a tactical optic for the user. This red dot scope is ideal for shooting targets at a variety.

Bottom Line

The Tasco red dot scope allows you to convert your 10/22 in a somewhat tactical rifle. Offering quick purchase sighting, and brightness adjustments. The eye relief allows the shooter to use it for searching and hunting. Plus the watertight and durable c

3. Simmons .22 Mag TruPlex Reticle (4x32mm)


Water, fog, shock, and recoil evidence scope

Quick goal acquisition eyepiece

Durable and lightweight tube construction

Fixed 4x magnification and 32mm objective for glowing image

Large knobs for simple adjustments and includes mounting rings

The eyepiece features tons of eye relief along with Simmons’ QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) enables the shooter to rapidly obtain a sight picture at the moment of the truth.

The goal lets in lots of light for one to acquire a fantastic sight picture and the included scope rings will probably fit up to the groove beneath your preferred 10/22 rifle receiver.

Simmons uses their particular kind of turret caps on this model that allows alterations to be made by you to windage and elevation. Simply grasp the knob and turn it.


Absence of magnification limitations function

Mounts do not match weaver or Picatinny rails

The adjusted 4X magnification might be limiting for certain shooters.

We only found this version in chrome and while that may look fine on a stainless 10/22, it might seem odd on a blued rifle.

What Buyers Report

Users look baffled by the operation of the scope. Particularly at this price. The scope was reported to maintain it is sighting setting after saved for weeks, carried around and being bumped. Which speaks of its caliber. The scope has a glass that is very clear and provides quick eye-focus rotation too.

It Stands Out to Us

This scope is one helluva monster in regards to construction and sturdiness. Which is its USP. The scope is high priced exceptionally low for an optic of its own capability. You’re able to beat on it and it will still function perfectly. The scope is amazingly clear and sharp.

Shots with a 22 rifle have been made at short range from 50 ft. Dialing up the magnification can make it tough to focus and will limit the subject of view at short ranges. So our first scope will be a 4X.

Who Will Use This Nearly

Considering that the scope has repaired magnification, it amounts out to be excellent for scouting purposes. It may be used for hunting. The simple fact that it retains it’s sighting alterations under circumstances and the worst makes it ideal for people and ranch owners who take their 10/22 a lot.

Bottom Line

The Simmons .22 adjusted magnification scope is a unimaginable deal for its cost. It’s an objective that is optimal and a crystal glass to produce a sharp and bright image. Plus quick acquisition and the very long eye relief improve awareness.

4. Tasco Rimfire Series 32mm 30/30 Reticle


3-9x magnification and parallax setting into 50 yards

Matte finish that is beautiful and waterproof/fog-proof design

Magenta multi-layered lens coat provides bright & clear image

Tube with durable advanced monotube construction

The 30/30 reticle reminds us of the Leupold Duplex reticle. This is the nicest one we’ve seen from the 4 versions.


Comparatively shorter eye relief

Not Acceptable for low light shooting

We have seen this model in Matte black.

The bane of these lower priced scopes appears to be the rings. They are fine if you are the kind that shoots after a year, but should you get any use of your rifle purchase some better rings for your scope.

What Buyers Report

The scope is super easy to set up and also sight-in. It retains on zero when transported around with minimal care and is reliable. Users report that the scope to be precise after sighting on all magnification settings.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Tasco rimfire scope is also an aesthetically scope that can handle magnum rimfire rounds as well. The fully coated interior and optics deliver a image, while the scope keeps its settings under most conditions. The scope was tailor-made for .22 rimfire rifles. Thus leaving a small margin for error.

Another scope, but the Tasco title that is familiar is carried by this one. Quality may be hit and miss in their center fire versions, while, they do a very good job with rim fire scopes.

Who Can Use This Nearly

The scope is great for seekers and range use. It’s a great attachment for 10/22 owners that exercise together with magnum loads. The scope includes a durable complete and construction to resist harsh weather conditions. It’s a solution for beginners and funding shooters.

Bottom Line

The Tasco scope delivers a fantastic mixture of aesthetics, performance, and function. It can handle heavy loads. In addition to the durable monotube construction and included scope mounts create attaching the scope really simple.

5. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18x44mm V-Brite Matte Black


Low glare anodized finish

Objective lens of 44mm for a image

Really large magnifying power of 6x-18x for long distance visibility

Adjustable aim with parallax setting to infinity

Shockproof Construction

Resettable and capped Turrets


A bit extended for the 10/22

Arguably Over-Powered to get a 10/22

What Buyers Report

Users appreciate the precise and crisp operation of the scope, along with the possible cost. The scope is completely durable and withstands falling, what and swaying not. The reticle and reduced light clarity that is illuminated is also a feature that is very valued. Furthermore, the transferable warranty also motivates individuals to buy this scope.

It Stands Out to Us

The scope provides magnification appropriate for a sniper gun and may be successfully used with rifles aside from the 10/22. Making your buy fruitful and flexible. The scope provides excellent eye relief and has a reticle estimation without any adjustments. The eyepiece enhances acquisition and sunshade reduces glare.

Vortex is proven to be an excellent value for your money. They back up their workmanship with an outstanding warranty and unbeatable customer service. They are particularly known for its clarity of the optics. That is far much better than being under-gunned, although Even the Matte Black may be slight overkill for a 10/22. Anyway, if you are going to pony out cash on a scope, it is not unwise to select on one you can foresee using on other firearms in the future.

The aircraft-grade aluminum frame is treated for a life of waterproof performance. The 44mm lens collects a high amount of light, maintaining your sight picture very bright. If you plan to use your in dawn, or in other low-light conditions, you may appreciate this OL diameter that is massive. Vortex boasts of their focus eyepiece, enabling easy and quick working of the reticle.

Who Can Use This Nearly

The scope is excellent for competitive shooters and hunters. Along with people who prefer to use power and the range of this 10/22. The scope was designed to assist with concealment, which makes it appropriate for searching. Plus, the magnification and features enable the purchaser to use it together with rifles too.

Bottom Line

The Vortex Crossfire II is a versatile durable and feature-packed rifle scope that exceeds the expectations out of a Ruger 10/22 rifle. The scope has been priced to suit every budget, provided its application. A choice that is fantastic to kill two birds with one stone.

Vortex scopes are made to be the maximum quality available in their price range. This is backed by the business up with an excellent guarantee and customer service that is a sheer joy. The Crossfire II boasts very solid construction with features that are shockproof and waterproof. The turrets are restricted and resettable along with the scope features a fast focus eyepiece.

The level of magnification provided is a bit high for a 10/22, but should you want to be certain that you strike, this scope is for you. You might need to check that your scope rings are large enough. These scopes enjoy a very higher level of user satisfaction, particularly together with impressive clarity cited as a high selling point, at the price point.

6. Nikon 6729 ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)


Compatible with the smartphone program of Nikon

Parallax place for 100 yards along with 3.7″ consistent eye relief

Patented BDC reticle for long-range estimations that are intuitive

Wide magnification range for short and long-range of 4x-12x

Large 40mm coated and objective lenses to the brightest image

Lifetime Warranty

Spring-Loaded Immediate Zero Turrets

Very Intelligent Sight Picture With OL


No parallax controller, provided its long-range capability

BDC Reticle Marks Use Circles Rather Than Crosses

Some Users Find the Eye Relief to become overly Brief at 12x

What Buyers Report

This is one of the rifle scopes on the market, with a amount of negative customer feedback. The image through the scope is crystal clear and the quick zero reset only increases the convenience. It’s not difficult to sight-in and works perfectly.

It Stands Out to Us

The scope has a balanced magnifying power. What an ordinary joe is going to require. The scope projects super-clear images and keeps zero . It’s totally weatherproof and some excess support is offered by the BDC reticle to the user.

Nikon has a reputation as a global leader in rifle scopes, but also in optics in general. Nikon is known to deliver a punch above its weight. This ProStaff model features fully multi-coated lenses along with a 40mm lens. That is to get a 10/22 in use cases. This large diameter lens can provide you a sight picture in any lighting condition.

The drop compensating (BDC) reticle allows you to modify your aim for a variety of distances instantly and free of manual adjustments. The 4-12x magnification is more than ample to get a .22 LR rifle.

Particular features include spring-loaded turrets that return to zero and a eyepiece. The build quality can be waterproof and fog proof and is excellent. Nikon backs its scopes up with a lifetime warranty covering all quality and manufacturing.

Who Will Use This Nearly

This scope is best for seekers. It’s possible to take down your goal sitting with intense precision. Due to the high magnifying power and optics, the scope could be swapped with other rifles as well. Furthermore, Nikon app is also a good feature for both novices and pros.

Bottom Line

Nikon’s scopes are famous for their clarity, and this is no different. The 4x-12x magnification enables you to get the most out of the 10/22 and couple this scope along with different rifles. A excellent pick for people who like to have some extra assistance.

It is possible to pay a lot more money, not get a scope as good as this Nikon Prostaff. Brightness and the clarity are a couple of the major selling points. The magnification is more than sufficient given the powerful assortment of the .22 LR. Some users do not like the way in which the BDC reticle is marked, others enjoy it.

It is going to also require some caution when mounting the scope to make certain that the eye relief allows you to instantly gain a sight image. This is a scope with characteristics that are superior that you will be able to use on your own 10/22 but on rifles you get later on.

7. Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Scope


Produced and designed Entirely in the United States

Very Practical 3-9x Magnification Range for your 10/22

40mm OL Supplying an Exceptionally Bright Sight Picture

Unbelievably Well-Built, but Designed to Stay Affordable at a Sweet Area of Functionality


Clicks on the Turrets Not Really Crisp

Nothing states quality that is made-in-America like the ring about the Leupold scope. This firm has been going for over a hundred years. In that time it has built a reputation as a number of the best glass that money can purchase.

A number of this VX-1’s characteristics won’t surprise. It is made to last a life, with a water and fog proof aluminum body. Lenses are multi-coated as well as the scope sports a 40mm objective lens for a bright sight picture. The magnification is well suited to the capacities of this .22 LR round. The 3:1 zoom ratio is more versatile when enabling the scope to remain light and reasonably priced. You have an assortment of reticles.

The VX-1 has a superb warranty. The design and fabrication of assembly and components occur in the united states. This is an American classic that is not just excellent for a Ruger 10/22 but also suitable for use on several high-recoil rifles. It is a scope that will endure and that you may hand down to your children.

Bottom Line

This scope is an perfect alternative for your 10/22. The magnification range is ideal and the OL is more than necessary for a bright sight picture even. You would not go wrong, When it may be tempting to get this Leupold to show off to your pals. This scope offers exceptional build quality and a perfect balance of function and affordability.

8. Simmons .22 Mag TruPlex Reticle (3-9x32mm)


The cost shipped makes this scope a real deal.

The scope is given in either silver or black to match up with the metal in your Ruger 10/22.

Some shooters maintain that there is a 3-9X a wasted effort on a 22 gun used in short range and won’t ever turn that dial up over 6X. However, employing the 9X setting on the Simmons allows this scope to serve double duty as a brief range spotting scope so you can see your team is while you are punching paper.


The included rings might not work on most of 10/22s. Should they operate from the box, then that is fine, but remember that aftermarket rings could be needed.

The 3-9X variable power range is one of the most common settings found in North America and if you are shooting a rim firing edition of your hunting rifle, that this scope is a no-brainer.

How to Put in a Scope on Your Ruger 1022

The movie below will walk you through all of the measures on How Best to mount and set up a new scope:


Each these versions are waterproof, fogproof and shockproof (although we wouldn’t perform the USMC evaluation of working with the scope body to hammer nails into wood and expect it to maintain zero!) And the optics are multi coated to reduce glare.

These five will help prevent you hitting the target, although It’s still possible to invest more money on creating your Ruger accurate

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