Top 10 Best Ruger 10/22 Stocks of 2020 – Reviewed

The Ruger 1022 is certainly the hottest rim fire rifle in the us. Over 5 thousand of Ruger’s”adult carbines” have been marketed in its 50 years of manufacturing. Produced as a rim fire rifle for adults rather than a normal youth gun, the Ruger 1022 requires its looks and styling from the venerable US M1 Carbine utilized during World War II.

The Ruger 1022 became famous for its radical inkjet magazine that ensured feeding. Even though it’s an excellent gun right from the factory, a candy looking tactical stock is likely to make your 1022 much better. That’s what we will be speaking about in this post, the best aftermarket stocks for your Ruger 1022 rifle.

Below you’ll see the eight ruger 10/22 stocks currently on the market. They are all placed within an easy to read comparison chart which makes it quite simple to locate the ideal stock for your demands.

What Should I Look For When Purchasing a 10/22 Stock?

There are a few things that will produce a 10/22 stock stick out among the rest of the package. You’ll want to differentiate a great stock from one that isn’t considered the best as far as quality and functionality go. Here Is What you should look for in a stock update that’ll fit your own gun:


Apparently, it’s not an attribute or attribute. However, its something worth considering if and when you are on a budget. You need to choose the best cheap price that fits up with the best grade you may find at that range. Don’t confuse this to needing to select soft and cheap as you can afford it.

Fitting For The Length of Pull

If you are looking for a stock, locate one that’ll be ideal for you as far as the amount of pull is worried. You would like your reach be just right so you can run your rifle as opposed to struggle. As an alternative, you’ll locate an adjustable stock that will be used to install different lengths.


Stocks for 10/22 rifles are usually made from synthetic substances or wood. But they each have its advantages and pitfalls. If you’d like something which will be lasting and be able to absorb more shock than many, a faux stock made from polymer or other substances might be exactly what you need.

Evaluation of the Best Ruger 10/22 Aftermarket Stocks

Listed below are a list of Ruger 10/22 stocks that are on the marketplace. While looking through these, you ought to have the ability to locate one that will be fitting for your needs and tastes. You’ll also need to locate one which is going to be the best harmonious with your own gun.

We took a look at the a variety of aftermarket stocks meant for the Ruger 1022 gun also came up with the following top eight replacement stocks. These subsequent eight buttstocks really are a wonderful alternative to the factory stock which accompanies your rifle. Let’s start with the initial stock on our list:

1. Magpul Hunter X-22 Adj. Stock



Adjustable Length of Twist

Simple to install

Multiple Mounting Options

Optional Cheek Riser

Has a Recoil Pad


Might Require an M-Lok Adapter for Many Accessories

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of the newest users were quite happy with this stock and its capacity to easily adjust to all sorts of spans. They stated that it was fitting to get their desired length of attraction and gave them complete control over their rifles. 1 user stated that this was an exceptional update in comparison to his older mended stock that has been a factory default that didn’t do him any favors.

It Stands Out to Us

Magpul is known for its high quality, aftermarket accessories such as weapons. In exactly the identical way, Magpul has produce an amazing stock for the 10/22. The stock was made by a reinforced polymer that’s several inches better than normal polymer. The polymer design removes any probable problems associated with degradation. In addition, in addition, it reduces the total weight of the rifle.

The enhanced forend shape and also the pistol-type grasp of the weapon make certain that you receive a suitable grip over the rifle, regardless of if your hands are dry or wet. Moving to the rear, this stock comes with a flexible length of pull, so you can change its length according to your location and body. The span is adjusted using. Also, the butt plate of the stock comes with a non conductive pad that is recoil, so you can shoot for hours without straining your shoulders.

The stock includes a weatherproof design, and it has eliminated the need for takedown screws so the installation is simple and simple, and the v-block which hold the gun together. The barrel menu of the stock will be reversible and accepts all 10/22 barrels (standard or bull). The stock takes barrels of all spans, but longer barrels just get to the tip.

Coming into the grip, the stock has M-LOK mounts for adding accessories like bipods, laser lighting, and numerous sling mounting choices for utilizing slings. The stock is offered in colours and patterns, therefore Magpul also offers the aesthetics coated.

Who Will Use This Most

This will be a great stock that will be utilized for many functions. It is irrelevant if you are hunting or target shooting, this stock will absorb shock, give you service that is excellent and will create your rifle a force to be reckoned with. It is a stock which should be underestimated.

Bottom Line

The Magpul Hunter X-22 Adjustable Stock is a stock that absorb so much shock, will be hard as nails and recoil, and will provide you the sharpshooting that you deserve out of your rifle. You would be surprised to exactly what this stock can do to get a gun in regards to improving its performance in more ways than one.

This stock is still an all-in-one solution for the 10/22. It is adjustable, lightweight, and contains numerous mounting points. Its functionality improves. The stock is easy to install and will fit your budget, considering the value it gives.

2. Tactical Solutions 10/22 Thumbhole Stock

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of the users had no problem installing this stock in their 10-22 rifles. Once done, they were able to try this out at the range. There has been also a considerable amount of recoil that was reduced and it allowed users to control their rifles for shooting and superior posture. One user said that he was astonished that for a wood stock, this exceeded his wishes like nothing else.

Why it Stands Out to Us

In spite of the fact that most wood stocks have a tendency to come against synthetic stocks, this one is quite solid in regards to handling shock and weather. It will not crack like a cheap, flimsy stock. This is built as a good stone and will give you the best control possible while allowing you non-slip controller for when you’re closing in on the kill shot or even the bullseye.

Tactical Solutions provides this ight ambidextrous laminated wood goal stock, which features a mill column bedding system. The factory cheek rest permits the shooter to get a perfect cheek weld when shooting the rifle with a scope mounted along with the wide forearm allows for the mounting of a bipod and a generous surface area to grip the gun when shooting hand.

Forend and the pistol grip are textured which allows every time. This is probably the priciest stock we looked in, however, it was the best looking.

The only downside to this buttstock is that the cheek rest makes the stock’s profile somewhat too high for use with factory iron sights, however, is upside the ideal choice for utilizing a gun scope.

Who Will Use This Nearly

This will be used mostly by hunters. But we won’t be surprised if a couple of users are goal shooters (casual and competition). It is the perfect stock that really isn’t adjustable, but enough to make use of a good number of individuals that fit a reach.

Bottom Line

The Tactical Solutions Ruger 10/22 Thumbhole Stock is your one stock made that silences all doubters and delivers a performance that is solid each time you pull the trigger. This will be perfect for any hunting 10/22 rifle that will resemble a monster by the time you complete installing this.

3. Magpul Takedown Hunter X-22 Backpacker Stock


Sturdy and Lightweight (1.7lbs)

Huge Storage Capacity

Easy to set up

Detachable Handguard

Space for Mounting Slings

Fits All 10/22 Barrels


Lacks Adjustability

What Recent Buyers Report

Most new users were looking for a stock which was simple to take apart in order for their rifles to be readily transported and stored. They were not disappointed for this stock and it allowed them to maintain their rifles secure while they have been taking every shooting opportunity possible. One user stated that taking this down stock was easy to disassemble and set together, thereby alleviating his fear of complicated installs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Hunter X-22 backpacker Stock from Magpul is a stock for updating your 10/22 rifle. The stock uses storage space while you transfer it. Starting with its own design, the stock was created from durable polymer, which elevates its strength and keeps it lightweight.

This is a collapsible stock that’s made for making certain your rifle doesn’t occupy too much room while you’re transporting it from house to the field (or stove ) and back. When putting it’s a good stock that will allow for fast assembly. Once put together, there’s no cases of rattling and looseness that suggest ill-fitting.

The stock and the handguard are when hauling the gun two pieces, which can be kept. Moreover, the interface attaches the barrel assembly to the receiver while. The stock has holes accept QD mounts for including swivel studs and slings.

The grasp of this stock has an integrated storage compartment to let you save a couple of a first aid kit or even batteries. Additionally, but also the stock also has ample storage space inside its compartment, which can accommodate three magazines in maximum capacity. The pistol-style grasp of this stock helps with this rifle’s general accuracy and managing.

In addition, the color and layout of this stock are exceptional and add to the aesthetics of your rifle. The stock has a 13.5-inch pull length and it accepts all sorts of barrels created for the 10/22, irrespective of their dimension.

Who Will Use This Nearly

If you are more worried about storage area when you are finished with your gun, then this may be the stock which you’re able to proceed with. As soon as you break down this, it will make portability so much easier. Not to mention, it is going to continue to keep your rifle out of sight and out of their way. When it’s attached, it can work like a stock which will give you the solid support you have to have in order for your rifle to shoot directly.

Bottom Line

Even the X-22 stock from Magpul is a compact and compact stock for the 10/22, which may be disassembled for transportation. The stock has a great deal of storage space that will come in handy during hunting trips. The plan of the stock makes it effortless to grip and the aesthetics are simply wonderful. Plus, the matches all 10/22 barrels, that is definitely a plus, because you’re able to swap it anytime.

4. Hogue, Rubber Overmolded Stock for Ruger

What Buyers Report

This stock was a perfect fit for most beginner users who have not ever used a rifle in the course of their life. They said the stock gave them exceptional grip over their rifles and noticed that it didn’t have a good deal of effort and muzzle jump. One user said that he managed to get a better grip of his rifle while hunting and managed to keep himself steady whilst landing a great kill shot on a varmint.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This stock from Hogue is more popular with those who see that the Ruger 1022 rifle for a truck or insect out gun that gets tossed around a lot or requires an excess amount of abuse as opposed to a normal Ruger 1022. The outside rubber coating on the stock, that is the element that their handgun grips are used on by Hogue, protects the rifle from might otherwise result in unsightly dings, dents, scratches or blemishes.

This stock is a bit larger than a Ruger 10/22 stocks. Plus it makes controlling your rifle a great deal better. If you have problems with recoil, slippage, or some other you might wish to consider utilizing this to your benefit. Whether you are a complete newcomer or a seasoned vet, management and occasionally grip are what you want to make each shot count.

The Hogue stock comprises swing swivels and will accommodate the factory barrel. This particular buttstock will not work with a more heavy target barrel.

Who Will Use This Nearly

If you are interested in finding a stock that might be thicker than most concerning material and quality, then you’re probably going to wish to give this stock a opportunity. You can use your rifle and still have the best hands and recoil reduction all in one stock. This and its functionality will be enhanced considerably.

Bottom Line

The Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock will absorb shock and supply grip and management for virtually any user that is considering shooting on a Ruger 10-22 regardless of program. There’s not any doubt that this stock may extend the distance in lots of ways. It is durable, simple to install, and will most likely be the most comfy stock you’ve ever used.

5. High Tower Armory Ruger 10/22 Bullpup Stock


Easy to set up

Truly sturdy quality

Allows for stability

Reduction is noticeable

Perfect for hunting and target shooting 10-22 rifles


Suppressor quality might be better

Some say it might be difficult to disassemble

Some complain about the quality control

What Buyers Report

According to consumers, they said that the stock didn’t take long to install. The stock’s equilibrium was quite adequate and it was sufficient for giving stability that is appropriate to shooters. The design proved to be allowed for shooting irrespective of program and friendly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our attention finally turns to a stock that has a design. However, what makes it stand out even better is that it improves the girth so you are able to hold your gun correctly and be in a position to shoot decent quality shots for longer intervals without any sort of pressure. This has the ability to take all kinds of Ruger 10-22 magazines including high-capacity aftermarket magazines.

Who Will Use This Most

This will be a stock that will be useful mostly for target purposes. If you’re shooting rounds as a rival, this stock might just be the one which may be set up in your rifle. It is quite adequate in quality and has the potential to last quite some time to you. Not bad for when you wish to spend some time.

Bottom Line

The High Tower Armory Ruger 10-22 Bullpup Stock must be an excellent stock that will deal with all of your target shooting requirements. You will be very happy with the sturdiness and stability which you’ll want when you shoot off all types of shots. Regardless of what the distanceyou can get hit on your targets with the precision and accuracy that you’ll need on your 10-22.

6. West One Products Ruger 10/22 USGI Stock M1


Drops in well

Sturdy in caliber

Aesthetically sharp

No more slippage to report

Perfect match for most rifles


May be Challenging to align

Some state it may scratch easily

May be fitting for bigger hands

What Recent Buyers Report

Most new buyers purchased this not only for that classic wood look, but they explained it was super hardy and made it simple to install on their rifles. They said it made their rifles secure their general hold while searching for big and varmint game aims and look aesthetically sharp. One user said that it seemed his father used climbing up. Plus, it had no slip and reduced some recoil at the process.

It Stands Out to Us

This can be a stock made from beechwood. It is a pretty sturdy piece of timber that can deal with a surprising amount of shock and recoil. However, what makes it even a bit more intriguing is the dark stain gives it a classic look that probably might turn some heads when you are out on the scope or meeting a fellow soldier.

Who Will Use This Nearly

If you’re seeking to create your Ruger 10-22 stand out as a classic, old-school looking hunting rifle then you’re most likely not going to settle for something less than this stock. With its simplicity of set up and the capability to provide you with the stability you require after holding the rifle at the firing position, this stock might prove its value and will exceed expectations in contrast to other wood stocks.

Bottom Line

The West One Products Ruger 10-22 USGI Stock could be excellent for the hunters who want a good looking rifle (and also one that is going to provide you superior equilibrium as well). It’s similar to any other timber stock that will crack after 100 rounds under pressure. But it is going to give you a long-lasting appearance that most Ruger rifles would like to have.

7. Hogue 22100 10/22 OverMolded Stock, Nylon, Standard Barrel

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, plenty of customers were stoked about the stock’s ability to fit on most rifles. They also said it consumed a lot more shock than anticipated and thus allowed for greater recoil loss. In general they had nothing but praise about the stock’s performance so far as providing them equilibrium for whenever they had been holding it at the firing position.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This layout is perfect for beginners and for those who are currently looking for control and a better grip. The rubber Ruger 1022 overmolded Hogue stock isn’t for everyone, particularly if you’re shooting on a hefty barrel Ruger 10/22. Hogue provides their 10/22 buttstock in a conventional nylon configuration too.

The nylon version includes a set of Hogue sling swivel studs installed and will accommodate the typical factory profile barrel as well as the larger diameter aftermarket target barrels.

Much like the Rubber Overmolded ruger stock by Hogue, it has a conventional gun buttstock profile without pistol grip or a grip.

Who Can Use This Nearly

This really can be a beginner-friendly stock that will be ideal for any application. If you want easy handling and the best push and shock absorption possible, it could be this stock which will require your shooting experience. Plus, it’s a pretty sturdy stock that may endure the test of time and consistent use.

Bottom Line

The Hogue Nylon Overmolded 10/22 Stock is the best newbie-friendly stock which will make using the 10/22 rifle a lot easier. Particularly when you’ve had a hard time managing it with any additional stock (such as a factory default). You will not be surprised by the noticeable reduction in recoil. However, you’ll be blown away by how much control you’ll be able to gain just by adding this.

8. Magnum Research 10/22 Thumbhole Stock

Glacier Ridge’s Magnum 10/22 MLSATCP thumbhole stock is another worth priced stock that delivers top of the line functionality.

Billed as a thumbhole stock it’s more like the earlier mentioned pistol grip stock in that the shooter doesn’t need to bargain with a miniscule cut out for a thumb, but rather a full sized pistol grip that is joined to the fur of the stockexchange.

The barrel station will adapt the thickest and heaviest of Ruger 10/22 goal barrels and permit them to float to the utmost in precision. It has a lower zipper rest compared to other thumbole stocks of the Type, but this could be seen as a benefit for iron sighted shooters not having a gun scope

9. ATI Strikeforce Adjustable Stock

For a pistol grip type stock on a Ruger 10/22, it is tough to beat the ATI Fiber force stock. Constructed of premium grade polymer, this stock echoes ergonomics and the lines of the classic Soviet Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle.

Forend and the hand guard are ventilated for cooling and offer a more martial appearance . The ATI stock includes a predetermined cheek rest and contains sling swivels installed to make the gun more readily portable.

Wise, it’s hard to beat the price with this Ruger 10/22 ATI stock as it retails for little over $50.

10. ATI Strikeforce Adjustable Stock


Sturdy and Lightweight Fiberglass Body

Collapsible and Adjustable Buttstock

Multiple Picatinny Rails

Removable and Adjustable Cheek Rest

Rubber Butt Pad and 3 Sling Swivel Studs

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty



What Buyers Report

Users loved this stock . But more to the point, they could not help but rave about the adjustability that this stock needed. This was being purchased by most consumers as a replacement due to their fixed stocks. Approximately half of them had struggled with the period of pull of their rifle before installing and purchasing this. Thus far, they stated it did a great job of allowing them to handle their rifles and be able to get a shot off with quickness and efficacy.

It Stands Out to Us

This stock is durable in quality and there is a reason. What you are looking at is that really a stock that’s not produced from any normal polymer. It is made from extreme temperature polymer. In plain English, it’s pretty rough. We could go as far as to state it is indestructible. This will handle all kinds of shock, reduce recoil, and will probably be impervious to all sorts of damage. You can wash your gun and get paints and oil onto it and it will not even crack or sew at the slightest like a normal timber stock. If you want durability that might be the best in the business, this may be the stock you want.

Wanna make your 10/22 look? Then try this stock.

AT has been baffling the marketplace with its products that are cosmetically . This time they’ve produced an outstanding aftermarket stock for your Ruger 10/22. The stock has.

To start with, this stock has been made in fiberglass, which is in our humble opinion the best material for stocks. It is resistant to elevated temperatures and warping. It sports a stock which resembles those in an AR.

The stock is watertight which allows compact and effortless transportation of the rifle. The foldable part is also removable, if your local laws do not allow a rifle, so that a plus. The stock can be customizable with one Picatinny rail on the forend, four Picatinny rails on the surface of the cover. This allows you to mount as many accessories as you need for any alterations or mounts.

The bundle includes covers for unused rails, or so the place doesn’t look weird. It also has a butt pad that is removable and adjustable cheek rest, and a removable. The pistol grip provides better grip. In addition, it includes three sling swivel studs to let you mount slings as possible need. The stock is scratch-resistant and weatherproof. Plus, it is easy to set up that is a bonus.

Who Will Use This Nearly

If you are interested in a stock that’s super tough, easily adjustable, and will definitely create your Ruger 10/22 a lot more exciting to use, then it’ll be this stock that will choose the cake (icing and all). Once you install this, you’re going to be amazed by what this stock can reach performance-wise. And it may be the last you buy for a 10/22 for quite a while. That it is.

Bottom Line

The ATI Strikeforce Adjustable Stock is without question one of the most sturdy and easiest to adjust stocks on Earth. This might easily be among the stocks out there and also for a couple of reasons that are very good. Would you say no to some stock similar to that if you need quality and stability that can keep you in control?

The stock from AT is an exceptional and total replacement for your stock. Together with offering adjustability It’s compatible with all models. Additionally, the company offers.

The Advantages of Aftermarket Stocks

Although a lot of shooters and hunters use them the layout lends itself well to customization and also the first part that many shooters replace would be the mill nylon or saline buttstock.

Machined to exact tolerances from the mill of Ruger, these rifles really seldom require hand fitting to install new stocks the way many other rifles do.

This is a fantastic thing, because great rifle stocks needs to be consistent. The trigger or barrel might be the heart and soul of a rifle, however, the buttstock is the thing that provides a gun its own strength.

Setup of a aftermarket stock couldn’t get any easier. The shooter removes the barrel band and activity screw and takes the barreled action out of this stock. Now the shooter can opt to have the rifle’s actions bedded into the buttstock or just drop it , twist the screw and optionally install the barrel ring.

Bedding refers to having a fiberglass bedding compound to be certain that the gun’s activity stays true and consistent inside the entire body of the buttstock. Some shooters take it a step farther by bedding the barrel in addition to the actions, but it is not advised.

When a bullet travels down the bore of the rifle, the barrel vibrates . Bedding the barrel into the stock upsets this organic harmonic. Shooters prefer to float the barrel by ensuring that no part of the stock produces any contact with it. On a 22 rim fire rifle such as the Ruger 1022 this may best be tested by seeing if a 1 dollar bill will fit between the barrel and the stock up to as the action. This is the reason a lot of shooters don’t maintain the barrel ring installed on their rifles.

What Exactly Are Ruger 10/22 Stocks Made By?

Ruger 10/22 stocks are created from wood, nylon/polymer, fiberglass, and polymer composites . These substances are used to fabricate stocks. Each has their pros and cons and we are going to evaluate them in respect to this 10/22 rifle.

Polymer Stocks

Let’s start with the plastic sheeting. Stocks made from plastic are lightweight and economical to manufacture. That’s why you find a good deal of’em around. However, these stocks tend toward growth and warping under pressure and temperature, so don’t expect them to become invincible.

Wood Stocks

Wooden stocks, on the other handare a much better choice in comparison to aluminum. These stocks do not warp under stress and also help with enhancing the overall accuracy of your rifle. But wood is still vulnerable to humidity, moisture, and warmth.

Laminate Stock

What’s more, if you have a nice looking stock, it needs a great deal of additional care. The the most greatest, and also next, material in the industry is fiberglass. It is lightweight, sturdy, and gets rid of all problems connected with wood and polymer. Fiberglass stocks can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find a great one for you.

Carbon Fiber Stock

The last and infrequent material utilized for manufacturing stocks would be carbon fiber. It’s the weight of a polymer which makes it apt for your job and the strength of steel.


The 1022 rifle is also an amazing rifle but the stocks that come from the manufacturer doesn’t cut it and you also want an aftermarket buttstock to suit your requirements. That is where I am hoping this article was helpful for you. We recorded a number of the highest ruger 1022 aftermarket stock choices for you. If you’d like to put in a customized barrel for your 1022 you can have a look at our webpage on this.

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