Top 7 Best Ruger 10/22 Trigger Job Kits Review (2020)

It has frequently been said that the trigger would be that the heart of the rifle. The expression is true for any firearm for that matter whether it’s handgun, shotgun or a rifle. You can have the best stock, the best ammunition, the highest grade of craftsmanship and materials in your firearm, however if your trigger isn’t right, none of it means whatever. Put the trigger makes or breaks the rifle.

Why Is the 10/22 a Terrific Gun to Update the Trigger On?

The Ruger 10/22 is possibly the most usual rim fire rifle in the united states and one of the reasons for its popularity is its simplicity of personalization. Whether the shooter assembles a rifle from a stripped receiver or adjusts parts to suit her or his own needs; the gun is quite simple to work on. The award winning rifle of ruger gets the distinction of becoming the first rimfire rifle geared toward customers to a beginner rifle for children to know the essentials of hunting and target shooting.

Back in the previous times, many shooters wouldn’t attempt to fine tune or otherwise adjust the trigger in their rifles. This was mostly due to the horror stories of other well-meaning shooters who made some other calamity by dremeling, sanding and filing parts or fully butchered their rifles that they need to not own or otherwise did not know exactly what they were doing.
The correct response then was to”Take it to a gunsmith”.

A capable smith would use water rocks and files to exactly fit each of the critical elements available. The sear will be polished fresh and painstakingly springs installed. Most of the time the original factory parts are used, but when the work increased enough they left their own with some of them becoming powerhouses in the aftermarket parts industry.

Luckily technology has caught up with the Ruger 10/22 with respect to its trigger. A variety of those companies now make”fall in” kits to enhance the trigger on their Ruger 10/22s.

Best Triggers for Ruger 10/22 – Explained

Then we will take a peek at a few of the best trigger kits in the marketplace for the 1022 rifle. There a great amount of variations to select from and it could become confusing choosing the one that is best. The list can be found by you below:

That’s the objective of this article, to help you discover the ideal trigger for you along with your weapon. Continue reading below to see the top of the line options for you.

1. Ruger – 10/22 BX-Trigger

Light trigger pull of 2.5-3 lbs
Lightweight but durable polymer construction
Simple to set up with a Dependable and safe design
Minimal overtravel and a back stop to ensure the same
Polymer housing may be a cynical Element for some
What Recent Buyers Report 100% purchasers of this trigger love performance , ideal compatibility, and its ease-of-installation pull and love it. On the other hand, the USP of the trigger is a mild and refreshing pull, alongside the pricing that is right.
Probably the latest merchandise to reach the industry is that the BX Trigger made by Ruger. This unit has rather little over traveling and is constructed from space era that is lightweight. The module is placed at the factory for a light 2.5 to 3 lb breaking point and will fit both the rifle and the Ruger Charger pistol that’s based on exactly the identical action as the 10/22.
The BX-trigger contains nearly half trigger pull in comparison with the OEM trigger. The extract is limits and more crispy overtravel. This enables the shooter to increase their precision and fire quick followup shots. This really is an superb replacement trigger for the 10/22, especially if you are maintaining a funding and trigger update.
Ruger must create this standard in all their rifles in the factory, but it would definitely raise the MSRP of this relatively cheap 10/22. The fact that they are creating them might mean that these more importantly shows that its clients are listened to by Ruger and could come in exceptional editions of their rifle in the future.
Read our full BX-25 trigger review.
Who Will Use This Most
Anyone who uses their 10/22 for whatever else than plinking. The drop-in installation eliminates the requirement for some other expert help and gunsmithing. The lightweight trigger pull reduces trigger-fatigue and helps with shots. Which could be a feature that is great whilst searching varmints. This trigger is useful for competitive shooters.
Bottom Line
The BX-trigger has been no-doubt that the best replacement trigger for 10/22. Anybody who would like a greater trigger can manage it. The pull and zero overtravel make shooting fun and much more accurate. Moreover, the installation literally requires a couple of minutes along with the trigger functions under all circumstances.

2. Timney 10/22 Drop-in Trigger Assembly

Extremely mild pull mill set a 2 lbs
Wire EDM cut and heat-treated steel parts
Includes lengthy magazine release for one-finger launch
One-piece CNC machined design made from durable aluminum
Priced about the high end
Pull Isn’t flexible (as expected from such a costly trigger)
What Present Buyers Report
Users enjoy the top quality and durable construction of the trigger. It’s very easy to install and offers an awe-inspiring difference compared to the OEM trigger. The auto bolt release is fantastic and the magazine launch is also an admirable factor.
Why it Stands Out to Us
A firm called Timney has been creating match standard triggers for a long time and know exactly what they’re doing in regards to building nearly perfect triggers. Their 10/22 design is nothing short of unique.
The Timney trigger includes a lightweight pull of approximately 2 lbs which enhances the overall handling. Plus the protracted magazine release makes it somewhat ambidextrous and easy to use. The bolt capture is user friendly and the trigger reset is perfect. The trigger breaks flawlessly and plays up to its expectations.
Each and every component in a Timney trigger assembly is constructed by hands, calibrated and tested to exacting criteria. Components like the hammer, trigger and sear are cut from steel and hardened, whereas the body is CNC milled from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The factory setting is two lbs and breaks like glass with no slack whatsoever.
The meeting includes an easy to use substitute magazine release button along with a better bolt hold open feature.
Who Can Use This Most
The trigger is excellent for competition shooters, awarded that the lightweight pull, sharp break, and extended mag release. A upgrade for the 10/22 for strategic use Appleseed events or shooting courses. The trigger is quite versatile and also suitable for SHTF and hunting utilizes.
Bottom Line
The Timney trigger is a practical addition to this 10/22 for competition and tactical uses. The trigger includes a featherlight pull of 2 pounds complemented with a break. Although the trigger assembly is rather pricey for a 10/22. The subsequent performance is well worth it.

3. Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Trigger Guard 2000

CNC machined housing with EDM cut parts
Includes automobile bolt release and extended mag release
Overtravel modification and reduced power to get a lighter pull
Repositioned and polished trigger plunger with redesigned spring
Costs close to a 10/22 itself
Internal elements require focus when trigger assembly is out of this gun
What Recent Buyers Report
Users seem baffled with the performance of this trigger. It has a clean and crisp break and virtually zero creep from this box, and allows the user to create adjustments. The wide trigger shoe suits people with bigger fingers and also the auto bolt release is a great upgrade.
While Ruger may have been content to market an average semiautomatic rim fire rifle, there was a different business that virtually committed their enterprise model to making advancements about the Ruger 10/22 platform: Volquartsen. Volquartsen’s trigger uses CNC machined housings with all internal components precision cut by EDM with +/- .0002″ of endurance.
Volquartsen has been famous for producing high-end firearm accessories, and this trigger sits nicely on those expectations. This high-end trigger contains each of the components packed in a wobble-free housing and permits the user to adjust pre-travel / overtravel. The average pull weight is approximately 2.5 pounds, and it functions flawlessly with 10/22 versions.
A bit pricier than the Ruger trigger mentioned earlier, the Volquartsen unit makes use of a hardened stainless steel hammer into their trigger pack with properly cut notches to get an exact and consistent angle. The plunger has been redesigned to depress rearward to get an improved trigger pull combined with reduced power springs for your hammer and sear.
The device also has improved bolt and magazine releases in addition to oversized pins for a perfect activity job.
Who Can Use This Nearly
Considering the tight tolerances, adjustable journey and zero-creep, this trigger is perfect for competition applications. The clean and sharp split allows the shot to pull on the trigger at the right moment for accuracy and consistent precision. It is also acceptable for folks who would prefer to hone their precision skills.
The Volquartsen trigger might seem to be a pricey deal. However, the trigger itself is worth it. The user can make traveling adjustments that are subtle or significant to find the perfect break. The lightweight pull In addition, fairly crisp, and break makes it good for applications demanding extreme accuracy.

4. Power Custom – Deluxe 10/22 Trigger Module

Simple Drop-in Setup
Adaptive Weight of Pull
Adjustable Pretravel and Overtravel
Removable Side Plate
Some Variants Might Not Work With Regular Mags
This Ruger 10/22 trigger module from Power Custom features a housing made entirely out of aluminum. The trigger has a simple drop-in design so that you don’t have to mess around with disassembling those little components. This single stage trigger includes a pull down load of 2.25 pounds, which can be adjusted between a variety of 1.75 to 3 pounds employing an internal setscrew.
It’s has a broad aluminum shoe with Garand-style security in the internal trigger guard, along with an extended magazine release for easy changing. The safety and mag release are placed close to the trigger for performance and in situations.
Additionally, the pretravel and overtravel time of the trigger may be adjusted. The aluminum housing of the trigger meeting has a removable side dish, which can help you using its disassembly, even in case you wish to clean it. The trigger is offered in a couple of different models with distinct magazine compatibilities.
This trigger gathering from Power Custom is an all-in-one trigger replacement for the 10/22. The trigger adjustable in every manner possible, and isn’t difficult to install.

5. Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 High-Performance Action Kit

Accessible in .22LR and .22mag variants
Reduces pull to as much as 2.25 Pounds
Prevents damage to the action and bolt
High quality product with Good value for money
Includes individual parts to offer handpicked customization
Requires some time to break-in
May require minimal fitting during setup
What Present Buyers Report
The Volquartsen trigger action kit features components precision machined from high-grade material. The standard of the apparel the performance even more striking and is impeccable. The trigger kit is also easy to install. Users reported the instruction manual is not very valuable.
This trigger kit includes individual elements which allow the user to build the trigger in accordance with their preference. The overtravel is flexible to provide precise tolerances to this consumer. Plus the substantial decrease in pull weight(as low as 2.25 lbs) is also a fantastic feature. The kit is available in normal and magnum caliber variants to get rid of compromise.
Who Will Use This Nearly
The kit is ideal for competition with 10/22 rifles. Notably because shooters have a tendency to have their tastes for its trigger meeting depending upon the situation. This would not prove economical or appropriate and really is a high-end construction kit.
Bottom Line
The Volquartsen trigger kit is a terrific upgrade for folks that desire extensive customizations with their trigger assembly. This kit allows you to adjust the metrics also contains a feather light weight of attraction for precision uses. A product for competition shooters. Plus the extra buffer aids reducing tear and wear of parts inside the receiver.

Honorable Mention:


Instead of a fall in trigger package, Clark Custom Guns offers a fall in parts kit that needs a complete disassembly and replacement of your Ruger 10/22’s hammer, sear, sear spring, trigger and disconnector. The Clark trigger is adjustable for over travel and gives the shooter a more sharp consistent 2.75 to 3 lb trigger.
All the pieces are finished in a matte blue with the exception of this trigger, which can be black anodized aluminum.
The ability level to install the Clark kit is a bit higher than the others we have mentioned, but it is certainly not an unsurmountable barrier for the average to advanced hobbyist.

Additional option:

KIDD Single Stage Trigger Unit for Ruger 10/22

The KIDD trigger is one stage trigger that has a 1.5 pound to 4 lb fracture. This is totally flexible and can be tailored to your own needs and wants. Lots of people have also stated that they are not any creep for this trigger.
This trigger is simple to install and are going to be able to be placed into use right after it develops. This is one of the best triggers currently on the market for your Ruger 10/22 rifle also will be a great purchase for anyone trying to find a way to easily upgrade your rifle.

How To Install a Ruger 10/22 Trigger

The installment of a trigger inside a weapon is always the most difficult part, whether to a 10/22 or any other rifle. You need to have knowledge and the ideal information about the parts of the trigger assembly, their function, and appropriate placement. Installing a Ruger 10/22 trigger is not any different. We are going to break it down into measures, to give you an overview.
As soon as you’ve disassembled your rifle to obtain the trigger assembly, the very first thing is to remove the magazine release pin, using a small punch.
Next, remove the trap, that holds the bolt lock in place. Once done, hold the trigger down and push the spring along with its own pin .
Now get rid of the trigger and you have completely disassembled your trigger.
When you have a drop-in type trigger assembly for installation, you merely have to follow along with step one, cited previously.
When these steps have flown over your mind, be sure that you check out this movie for detailed directions on how best to set up the trigger in your Ruger 10/22. Since the triggers reviewed here are drop-in assemblies, it won’t be difficult to install them into your rifle.
Trigger Assembly and Disassembly Video


Two years ago it was virtually unheard of for an typical gun owner to make a secure two to a pound trigger job to get a Ruger 10/22 rifle in their home workshop or kitchen table.
With improvements in manufacturing and materials it’s currently feasible to accomplish a personalized trigger job on a Ruger 10/22 with the only tools being a set of punches to remove the old pins to be able to replace the trigger components. Thank you for reading and I am expecting that it was of any use to you. Fantastic luck and safe shooting!

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